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Miscellanious Emerald Cheats September 23, 2007

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Finding Ditto: After beating the league, i think 2 times, go to Fallabor and into the fossil maniac’s house and there will be a cave at the back and you will find ditto around 30-50 lvl dittos

Safari Zone: after beating the league a new area of the safari zone will be opened will new pokemon, to get all of them, you need mach bike AND acro bike

smeargle: go to the waterfall @ the battle frontier near where u found smeargle (water it with the wailmer pail) and surf left and there will be a cave, go in and walk around and there will be lvl 40-50 smeargles.


here are the steps          you will need: pokemon with surf, dive, dig, flash & rocksmash

1) go to pacifilodge and surf to where the currents are. STAY SOUTH.. keep surfing below and eventually you will get to a small dark patch, dive there and swin south and read the code on the rock then surface up. walk to the end of the sealed chamber and read the code then use dig, a door will open. walk to the end and read the code, the ground will start shaking and it’ll say a door opened far away.

Registeel: Go to the big rock on route 120 (where a trainer said he thinks it leads to ancient ruins but there’s no entrance) now there will a hole. walk in go to the exact middle of the room and use flash. a door will open, go in and there will be registeel.

Regice: Surf down to route 105 and there will be a rock will a door, go in. read the middle code, then walk around the perimetre of the cave then read the code again, the door should open, go inside and there’ll be regice.

(Lastly…) Regirock: Go to the desert on route 111 and go down the most southerst point and a rock will have a door. go in and read the middle code, then press LEFT TWICE then DOWN TWICE then use rocksmash and a door will open and inside will be regirock.

TIP: save infront of each regi (they wont move until u talk to it) before attacking just incase u kill it, u will only see it once. and dont use master balls, get lots of pokeballs and chuck it at it for a long time, then after a while, use a timer ball or ultra ball, save the master ball.


Secret Places July 11, 2007

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There are a few places in Emerald and Ruby that are secret, you don’t have you go there, but it’s fun to and they have a few rare items too.

1) Abandoned Ship: Surf from Dewford to Slateport (you need to Surf, don’t Fly) and along the top where the rock barrier is should be a ship (the abandoned ship) there are a few trainers in there which you need to battle. After reaching the end of the ship, the scientist guy tells you he needs a Scanner. Get the Storage room key and unlock the locked door (did I mention that all the doors in the ship are unlocked except for one, that’s the storage room door). There will be a ‘Rm 1 Key’. Use Dive in one of the rooms with a patch of water and surface on the other side and will be 6 doors, about 2 will be unlocked but blocked. Unlock the Rm 1 door and there will be shining stuff (about 3-4) one of them will be a key for another door, the rest will be shiny trash. After unlocking all the doors, you will find the Scanner. Take the Scanner to Capt. Stern in Slateport (he’s in the place where you will be able to go on a ferry after beating the league) and talk to him and he offer a trade for the Scanner for either a ‘Deep Sea Scale’ (boost Clampearl’s Spe. Attack) or ‘Deep Sea Tooth’ (boosts Clampearl’s Spe. Defence). Items that can be found in the abandoned ship are Water Stone, Escape Rope and a few others. Phew, that was long.

2) Meteor Falls extension: Go in Meteor Falls (in route 115) and there will be a spot where you can surf. Surf there and there will be a waterfall (use Waterfall to get up) and there will be a new place). You will be able to find some items and there are a few trainers.

3) A cave (i 4got what it’s called): Go to Mossdeep and Surf around to the top of the land and keep surfing up. There will a cave, infront are 2 girl trainers you battle. Go in the cave and walk around. You will find an old guy who says if you find 4 sea salts and 2 shoal stones (or something like that), he will make you a Shell Bell, they can each be found daily.

4) Go to Rustboro and up to route 115 and down the stairs and there is a space to surf. surf up and there will be land, continue surfing between the rocks and you will find a place with 2 trainers, rare berries and places for a secret base.

Happy exploring!


Mystery gift & Safari Zone June 3, 2007

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i know.. every single pokemon cheats site has these cheats so im putting it anyway

to get a mystery gift (i think its called eon ticket, i 4got, soz) got to any shop and on the survey put the word LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL

to make it easier select the ABC mode and search the word in the letter catagory

then the shop keeper will talk to you and after you save, close anr re-open the game yoiu will be able to access the mystery gift, talk to the guy with the green hat at the poke center

 Safari Zone Cheats

to get unlimited safari zone time, stand in some grass or surf on some water and gently press the left and right arrows, you will face that way but it won’t be counted as a step

Here are the pokekmon you can catch in the safari zone for EMERALD:

girafarig            wobbofet             doduo & dotrio         oddish & gloom

natu & xatu      milktank              pinsir                        rhyhorn

ledyba              pikachu               psyduck & golduck (surf)         shuckle (rocksmash)

i 4got some but i’ll write them when i look at my game, coz i don’t have it with me right now 🙂        


Starter Poke May 20, 2007

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the best starter pokemon for ruby is mudkip because the champion’s pokemon are mostly ground type.

for emerald its treeko because the champion has mostly water type

for fire red, the best is squritle, can’t remeber why, but it helped me win the league easily

for red rescue team, the best is pikachu, try do the questions until u get pikachu, its the strongest against most legendary like lugia, ho-oh and mew.


National Dex

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to get the national dex u have to beat the league then catch over 60 pokemon (hoenn or national, together too) and go to professor birch’s house and he will upgrade yours and your rivals too.


Catching Sodowoodo

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u can only catch sodowoodo at the battle frontier after beating the league. there will a weird tree that wiggles when u go to it near a waterfall, water it with the wailmer pail and it will attack then u can battle and catch it.


Catching Kyogre & Groudon

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to catch kygro and groudon u should use a timer ball (bought from rustboro) and make the battle go longer. to to the weather institute (where u got castfrom) and talk to the guy and he will tell u a route, go there and there will be raining, lightning and thunder together, if its a water route, it will be kyogre and land if groudon, go in a cave and they will be there after catching one of them go back the the weather insitute and the guy will give u another route, that will be the other pokemon.