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Some PokeCrater like sites June 28, 2008

Hey pokemon pals!! =]

I’m getting kinda sick of waiting for pokemoncrater to return. Nintendo said it would return ‘soon’ and there have been lots of fake dates of the returning. So here are a few Pokemon sites you might wanna try out. is the second most popular pokemon site (after pokemon crater). You can train, battle, go on maps, leave messages, battle trainers and all that stuff. The only flaw… it’s very very slow, even with the fastest internet connection. -_-” [or if that doesn’t work, try:] is very similar to pokemoncrater (the red background, font…) it seems very cool. It has [I think] the same stuff as pokecrater like gyms, maps, shops.. yeah. =D is very similar to pokemonindigo (the blue background, the buttons…). When I lasted checked, it wasn’t finished yet but you can still make an account. It’ll probably be finished soon. Its like the DS version of it… but on computer. =]

Haven’t tried this one… Check it out. xD

Yay! I have over 100,000 hits!! Thanks pokepals. 🙂 Make sure to check out my graphics page. =]


31 Responses to “Some PokeCrater like sites”

  1. […] rosalynlinh wrote an interesting post today on Some PokeCrater like sitesHere’s a quick is the second most popular pokemon site (after pokemon crater). You can train, battle, go on maps, leave messages, battle trainers and all that stuff. The only flaw… it’s very very slow, even with the fastest … […]

  2. squirtlemoi Says:

    when the pokemon coming back?

    Rosalyn: probably ‘soon’… [go to or for more info] ♥

  3. squirtlemoi Says:

    when the pokemon crater comingback im so worried i cant play that game it`s so interesting

  4. KellyChiaPeiXuan Says:

    pokemon indigo so slow…….

  5. alexander Says:

    is Pokemon creater coming back? because is better than indigo

  6. yesh u finally posted!! yesh!! please post more, i love this site!

    Rosalynlinh: lol thankyou!! your site rocks too. ♥♥ =]

  7. Tanuki I Says:

    heh love the site but the domain is really hard to remember. 😐

  8. Andone Says:

    There is also

    Rosalyn: yes. i signed up for that. i just forgot the site letters… tppcrpg… so confusing… does it stand for something?? lol 🙂

  9. bryan Says:

    Poke crater not coming back 😦

  10. SuperMarioFan Says:

    Hey u guys!!! Right here:
    Its really related to Pokemon Crater. But Crater is better.
    What do you think Rosalyn?

    I’ll go try it out now. Thanks for the site. =] ILYVM ♥

  11. SuperMarioFan Says: is a recreation of Pokemon Crater. It will be better in the future. I believe it and it says!

  12. Thresher Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Thresher!!!

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  14. SuperMarioFan Says:

    You guys will want to see this!!!

    “Pokemon Crater, The online game which seemed to have the nations eyes glued to the computer, Has shut down. Even though we are not licensed to it in anyway, We would like to bring you some news about Aaron’s younger brother, Steve.
    Steve is said to be learning CSS,HTML,XHTML,DHTML and many forms of Javascript, He said he is learning the languages to get better grades as he wants to have a computer related job, His brother Aaron who has graduated from College, Wants Steve to bring Pokemon Crater back, Aaron said he will have to take it before the 28th of January, Or the domain will expire so will the Pokemon Crater hosting account.”

    From Youtube:

  15. liam Says:

    pokemon crater is back website is

    p.s just try the adress before saying its fake

    Rosalyn: lol yesh i know. its a cool site. =]

  16. xxx Says:

    hey the 28th of january is my birthday!

  17. Sorry to say but dosent work but the .net one but… its not that good. pokemon crater will never be replaced!!

  18. SuperMarioFan Says:

    I miss Pokemon Crater!!! Rumors on youtube saying it will come on the end of July. (Ya and there was a confusion beteen the .com and the .net on Pokemon Battle Arena. (Its .net))

    Rosalyn: Lol i know.. shame on people who make other raise their spirits when its not coming back… Lmao =DD

  19. Hey Hey pokemon might be comin back u no the owner he emailed and saiad its comin back!!!

  20. I ment pokemon crater

  21. pokemon kid Says:

    pokemon crater is pokemon battle arena

  22. murali Says:

    this is the real gaming web site

  23. pokemoncrater fan Says:

    Um for some reason I tried and tried to sign up and it says “The page you tried to access does not exist on this server” and the first line says “You are the owner of this web site and you have not uploaded (or incorrectly uploaded) your web site.” I that true?

  24. samie37 Says:

    awesome site plz go 2 ma site n comment

    Sure. =DD But if its about Miley Cyrus [hence the dp] I might be little mean. I really hate her. O_o

  25. Ramazan Says:

    Graphics are so bad.But this website has a good interface.Your template and plug-ins gives usefuly option to this site.Site is nice but u can make more pretty graphichs:Dpokemocrater is closed but pokemon indigo is good bot really slow:(

  26. It is back! Says:

    /e coughs…it’s not coming back. WHAT IS is that kyrocorp is REBUILDING the site. It’s already up and you can register, but you can’t use names from the origina pokemoncrater.

  27. i think that its gone for good play pokemon indigo

  28. tabbay Says:

    i go to but when i sign up it says page cannot be displayed what should i do

  29. tacool Says:

    when i try to go on it say page cannot be displayed wata fuck is that i feel like taking a hard shit after it said page cannot be displayed i know you feellike taking a hard hard shit or maybe you want to constapate who knows.

  30. cossie Says:

    hey tacool how bout you stop swearing and pull ur finger out of ur ass, have some respect, wat are you? bloody stupid.

  31. DarkAxess Says:

    Hey this site is the best pokemon rpg…(for me)
    so what are you waiting for.. signup here in this link..

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