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Secret Places July 11, 2007

Filed under: Emerald,Ruby — rosalynlinh @ 5:28 am

There are a few places in Emerald and Ruby that are secret, you don’t have you go there, but it’s fun to and they have a few rare items too.

1) Abandoned Ship: Surf from Dewford to Slateport (you need to Surf, don’t Fly) and along the top where the rock barrier is should be a ship (the abandoned ship) there are a few trainers in there which you need to battle. After reaching the end of the ship, the scientist guy tells you he needs a Scanner. Get the Storage room key and unlock the locked door (did I mention that all the doors in the ship are unlocked except for one, that’s the storage room door). There will be a ‘Rm 1 Key’. Use Dive in one of the rooms with a patch of water and surface on the other side and will be 6 doors, about 2 will be unlocked but blocked. Unlock the Rm 1 door and there will be shining stuff (about 3-4) one of them will be a key for another door, the rest will be shiny trash. After unlocking all the doors, you will find the Scanner. Take the Scanner to Capt. Stern in Slateport (he’s in the place where you will be able to go on a ferry after beating the league) and talk to him and he offer a trade for the Scanner for either a ‘Deep Sea Scale’ (boost Clampearl’s Spe. Attack) or ‘Deep Sea Tooth’ (boosts Clampearl’s Spe. Defence). Items that can be found in the abandoned ship are Water Stone, Escape Rope and a few others. Phew, that was long.

2) Meteor Falls extension: Go in Meteor Falls (in route 115) and there will be a spot where you can surf. Surf there and there will be a waterfall (use Waterfall to get up) and there will be a new place). You will be able to find some items and there are a few trainers.

3) A cave (i 4got what it’s called): Go to Mossdeep and Surf around to the top of the land and keep surfing up. There will a cave, infront are 2 girl trainers you battle. Go in the cave and walk around. You will find an old guy who says if you find 4 sea salts and 2 shoal stones (or something like that), he will make you a Shell Bell, they can each be found daily.

4) Go to Rustboro and up to route 115 and down the stairs and there is a space to surf. surf up and there will be land, continue surfing between the rocks and you will find a place with 2 trainers, rare berries and places for a secret base.

Happy exploring!


8 Responses to “Secret Places”

  1. rosalynlinh Says:

    hello there, could some people please try these places?

  2. Michelle Says:

    haha yo that’s cool. what’s this for? dslite? i don’t play pokemon on the new game consoles these days. i’m old school–i have a gameboy color. ahhaha.

  3. rosalynlinh Says:

    hi michelle, they’re on gba or vba (visual boy adevance) and work for ruby, emerald and prbably sapphire

  4. rosalynlinh Says:

    hi everyone, i found a new place:

    5)Sealed Chamber: First have whalord 1st and relicanth 2nd on you team and a pokemon that knows dig. Go to Pacifalodge and surf west to where the currents are and find your way through the currents to the middle and there will be a dive spot. dive there and head south and you will find a stone with some symbols. dive up and there will be the Sealed Chamber. walk to the end of the cave and there will be symbols on the wall. use dig and you will find a regie (regice, regirock or registeel)

    I’ll keep posting new places when i find them so keep checking the comments. 🙂

  5. Carey Says:

    Hi, this is a kool site. i want to make one too. But how do you get to other places like mirage island and to the other places like also space? You can reply if you know.=)

  6. rosalynlinh Says:

    mirage island: i think you get the mystery gift and its a eon ticketto mirage island, go to pacifilodge and an old man in one of the houses will tell u if he can see mirage island

    i dunno space, but i’ll try find out, buddy

  7. rosalynlinh Says:

    6) go to the battle frontier and where you found swoodowoodo, there will be water and a waterfall, suf down the waterfall and surf left and there will be a cave there with a pokemon, wanna know what’s inside? you check it out

    new secret places soon 😀

  8. shdowgroudon Says:

    Well, you won’t exactly find a Regi – but when you go into Sealed Chamber (BTW, isn’t Relicanth last? ;))and solve the puzzle, the doors to their own chambers (Regirock: desert, Regice: island near Dewford, Registeel: Route 120). Well, you go into them. (also, the guy next to the Ancient Tomb (Registeel’s place) STILL says he can’t find a way in! LOL) Guess what? ANOTHER PUZZLE! Once you solve THAT, the inner door opens and you will find the Regi.

    Also, in the extra part of Meteor Falls there is one secret room where you can find Bagon, which evolve into Shelgon and then into the extremely powerful Salamence. In fact, it’s the ONLY place you can find Bagon!

    Hope that helps! ^_^

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