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Some PokeCrater like sites June 28, 2008

Hey pokemon pals!! =]

I’m getting kinda sick of waiting for pokemoncrater to return. Nintendo said it would return ‘soon’ and there have been lots of fake dates of the returning. So here are a few Pokemon sites you might wanna try out. is the second most popular pokemon site (after pokemon crater). You can train, battle, go on maps, leave messages, battle trainers and all that stuff. The only flaw… it’s very very slow, even with the fastest internet connection. -_-” [or if that doesn’t work, try:] is very similar to pokemoncrater (the red background, font…) it seems very cool. It has [I think] the same stuff as pokecrater like gyms, maps, shops.. yeah. =D is very similar to pokemonindigo (the blue background, the buttons…). When I lasted checked, it wasn’t finished yet but you can still make an account. It’ll probably be finished soon. Its like the DS version of it… but on computer. =]

Haven’t tried this one… Check it out. xD

Yay! I have over 100,000 hits!! Thanks pokepals. 🙂 Make sure to check out my graphics page. =]


Pokemon Indigo gone too? Nope ^^ June 27, 2008

Hey guys!

Does pokemon indigo ( work for you? cause it doesn’t for me, it might just be my computer… but still, please check to see. Pokemon Indigo might be shut down too.

Also… if any of you know any pokemon fan sites with banners or links (like the ones at the bottom of my right task bar thingy) please tell me so i can get them onto my site, or just gimme the code for the banner!

Update: It seems it was probably a glitch in the servers or something wrong with the internet browsers. I often use Internet Explorer or Mozilla. =]


PokeCrater on March 16th? NO.. March 8, 2008

Hi yall,

there has been a recent post on a site i think you should check out:

 its says that Pokemon Crater will be returning on March 16. i don’t know if I really belive that because there has been lots of rumours going around about the return day and none of them have been true so far. so…. come check out the site.

Also please check out and vote on this poll, thanks!! 😀 :

 Also there’s a new pokemon site coming out, its similar to pokemoncrater/indigo: its not finished yet… but i think it will soon 😀

 UPDATE: aww… it seems pokemoncrater did not return… (im updating this on the 19th March) oh well… it may take a bit more time i guess. 😦 


Message from Nintendo February 26, 2008

Hello ya’ll!

I got a (well 3 really..) messages from Nintendo (you can check some of my posts and pages comments) saying that Pokemon Crater will be returning, but didn’t say when. Also the creator of PokeCrater did ask permission for pokemoncrater to be made, so that’s  a reason off the list… Anyways Nintendo said Pokemon Crater will be returning soon and you should (of you like 🙂 ) to check out their sites: or for updates.

Here are a copy of the comments from the Graphics page.

  1. Nintendo Says: We are proud to say Pokemon Crater will be returning soon. Keep in touch with our site for results.
  2. Nintendo Says: We have got word that Pokemon Crater did not get permission from nintendo first. That is false, Pokemon Crater has a contract and full permission from the Nintendo Company and Pokemon Crater will return very soon.Rosalynlinh: ooo.. wow thanks!!
  3. Nintendo Says: We are proud to say Pokemon Crater wil be returning soon. Keep in touch at

Yay!! I got over 50,000 hits! Thankyou sooooo much for everyone who has visited my site. I hope even the littlest thing helped. 🙂

~ Rosalyniiexx =D

*cough* um.. the second copied comment is kinda smudged… forgive me ^^


Is Pokemon Crater Coming Back? February 2, 2008

UPDATED: Pokemon Crater will or might be returning, but the returning process has been stalled to around the end of February, around Feb 28th . Please just keep trying and waiting until that day. It seems the pokemoncrater people had troubles…

Also, there has also beem rumours that Pokemon Crator won’t ever be returning, because the creator didn’t ask Nintendo for permission (at the bottom of the pokemoncrater page it says: not afflicted with nintendo, or something like that). Remember, these are possible rumours.

Click here to go my pokemon graphics page: 

Also check out and vote on this poll:

IMPORTANT: hey i just need some help with something. i have my sims (wii) and i’ve reached the five star and ive run out of land (places to build). if anyone knows how to get new land or continue, please tell me in the comment. thanks!

PS: I am now closing the comment section of this post. =]


Happy New Year! January 1, 2008

Hi everyone, Happy New Year! Wow.. its 2008 already, i’ll be starting year 7 (yea, i’m that young…), yay! I hope everyone has a great day today. If you look to the right-hand task bar thingy, there’ll be 2 lil’ smilies saying happy new year too!

BTY, pokemoncrater might be coming back! look at the post below for more info.

UPDATE: new year smilies gone, summer smilies here!


Pokemon Crater Might Be Coming Back…

Rumor has it that pokemon crater MIGHT be returning on January 29th 2008. It might return or not, lets all hope it does. Remember to cross your fingers and lets all wait and hope…

if it does come back, i’ll still have my pokemon crater party (dunno wat it is? go to this link: )

want to know more info on why pokemon crater shut down (maybe.. for awhile) ? go to:

update: i just wrote a walkthrough for diamond, check it out… please!!:

new: also, there have been a few confirmations lately about pokemoncrater returning…

cya’ll 😀