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Fire Red Ledgendary Dogs May 1, 2007

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according to the starter pokemon you get these are a dogs you’ll get:

squirtle: raikou (thunder)

bulbasaur: entei (fire)

charmander: suicune (ice)


Fire Red TM List April 29, 2007

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Here is a list of half the TMs in Fire Red and where to get ’em (half cause I’ll do the rest later, there’s 50 TMs):

1) Focus Punch: Silph Co 5 floor.

2) Dragon Claw: Victory Road.

3) Water Pulse: Cerulean City Gym (from Misty.)

4) Calm Mind: Saffrom City Gym (from gym leader.)

5) Roar: Mt Moon & Celadon City Shop.

6) Toxic: Fushia City Gym (from leader.)

7) Hail: Victory Road.

8) Bulk Up: Silph Co 7 floor.

9) Bullet Seed: Mt Moon.

10) Hidden Power: Found by using Pickup ability.

11) Sunny Day: Safari Zone.

12) Taunt: Team Rocket Hideout.

13) Ice Beam <- really strong: Celadon Game Corner.

14) Blizzard <– strong too: Pokemon Mansion.

15) Hyper Beam: Celadon Mart.

16) Light Screen: Celadon Mart Roof.

17) Protect: Power Plant.

18) Rain Dance: Route 15.

19) Giga Drain: Celadon Gym (from leader.)

20) Safeguard: Celadon Mart Roof.

21) Frustration: Team Rocket Hideout.

22) Solarbeam <– v. powerful: Pokemon Mansion.

23) Iron Tail: Celadon Game Corner.

24) Thunderbolt: Celadon Game Corner.

25) Thunder: Power Plant.

Ok… that’s enough typing for me today, check back really soon for the next 25.


Fire Red HMs

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Hey there, here’s a list of HMs for Pokemon Fire Red and how to get them:

1) Cut: Get it from the captain after going the whole way and defeating people along the way on the SS Anne.

2) Fly: From someone on Route 16

3) Surf: At the back of the Safari Zone, in a house with only one guy in it.

4) Strenghth: Get it from a guy in a house in Fushia City.

5) Flash: From somewhere at Route 2.

6) Rock Smash: In Island 1 somewhere.

7) Waterfall: Somewhere on Island 4.