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Red Rescue Team attacks June 3, 2007

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Here’s a list of the best attacks for each pokemon type:

fire: fire spin, fire blast or fire spin

water: hydro pump, waterfall or hydro canon

grass: solarbeam, giga drain or magical leaf

electric: shockwave, thunderbolt or thunderpunch

bug: solarbeam (only some can learn) or silver wind

physhic: phychic or luster purge

ground/rock: earthquake or magnitude

flying: aerial ace


Red Rescue Team HMs May 22, 2007

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there are a few hms in red rescue team:

surf: in the solar cave, you will need a key to unlock

dive: after completing pitfall valley, talk to charizard then lombre and then i think alakazam and you will get dive from wishcash and gain access to stormy sea (kyogre)

fly: floor 30 in wyvern hill, you’ll need a key

tip: save before you use the key because theres more non hm items you get with a key like ribbons and link cables


Legendary Pokemon May 20, 2007

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in pokemon red rescue team here are the legendary pokemon, the place to find them and their friend area:

mew: buried relic (any floor it will appear above 40 fl) area: final island (to get mew easily, have the music box in you toolbox)

mewtwo: Western cave (99 fl) area: cryptic cave

lugia: silver trench (99fl) area: deep sea current

ho-oh: Mt. faraway (40fl i think) area: rainbow peak

suicune: northwind field (3ofl) area: sacred field

entei: fiery field (30fl) area: sacred field

raikou: lightning field (3ofl) area: sacred field

artiquno: frosty forest (25fl and peak) area: legendary island

zapdos: mt thunder (about 20fl and peak) area: legenadary island

moltres: mt blaze (about 20fl and peak) area: legendary island

kyogre: stormy sea (dive needed 40fl) area: sea floor cavern

groudon: magma cavern (sorry, i 4got) area: volcanic pit

rayquaza: sky tower (about 30fl) area: stratos lookout

doexys: meteor cave (about 99f) area: dunno yet (im still working on it)

some i 4got, sorry, but still here they are, hope they help! =)


Red Rescue Team – Minum May 1, 2007

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to get minun put this on the wonder mail screen:

F?RP[F?(…)?]4+7? (…)R?H[64?0]R???

sorry if this doesn’t work, i can explain, read my comment for my explanation, thankyou


Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team

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Here’s list of the rescue ranks and points you need to get to them:

Bronze: 50

Silver: 500

Gold: 1500

Platnium: 3000

Diamond: 7500

Lucario: 15000

When you get to Lucario Rank you will get a Lucario statue for outside you base and you will get a Jumpfluff guy statue when you finish all the Makuhita training dojo cources.