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Mystery gift & Safari Zone June 3, 2007

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i know.. every single pokemon cheats site has these cheats so im putting it anyway

to get a mystery gift (i think its called eon ticket, i 4got, soz) got to any shop and on the survey put the word LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL

to make it easier select the ABC mode and search the word in the letter catagory

then the shop keeper will talk to you and after you save, close anr re-open the game yoiu will be able to access the mystery gift, talk to the guy with the green hat at the poke center

 Safari Zone Cheats

to get unlimited safari zone time, stand in some grass or surf on some water and gently press the left and right arrows, you will face that way but it won’t be counted as a step

Here are the pokekmon you can catch in the safari zone for EMERALD:

girafarig            wobbofet             doduo & dotrio         oddish & gloom

natu & xatu      milktank              pinsir                        rhyhorn

ledyba              pikachu               psyduck & golduck (surf)         shuckle (rocksmash)

i 4got some but i’ll write them when i look at my game, coz i don’t have it with me right now 🙂        


9 Responses to “Mystery gift & Safari Zone”

  1. dill Says:

    There is one problem with that.Where is the clipbourd!

  2. rosalynlinh Says:

    Um, i think it might only work in emerald (not really sure) when you walk into the shop, there’s the shop keeper guy there and he’s (not sure if its a boy or girl shop-keeper) standing behind the glass table and on the south side of him om the table should be this paper thing and to there and press ‘a’ and i screen should pop up with spaces like _ _ _ _ and there will be four and put the words LINK ALTOGETHER WITH ALL, hope it helps

  3. Carey Says:

    but it’s not link altogether with all. It’s like together with all. Coz it worked for me.So yea. Anyways……………………………….., Bleach rox my bloody world.Can’t do exclamation mark.Keyboard wrecked.

  4. rosalynlinh Says:

    that’s nice…
    Avatar (the last airbender) rocks my world!!!
    my fave characters are sokka, toph, princess azula and prince zuko

  5. JP Says:

    it works on sapphire in petalburg city p.c. the guy near the pc i think its link together with all

  6. dragonmaster Says:

    ok i got the mistery gift but where the guy with green hat i tried it at verdenturf town sooooooo where guy with green hat?

    Rosalynlinh: standing somewhere in the pokemon centre 🙂


    Rosalyn: yesh she should. Lol =DD and buy pokemart?? or pokecentre…?? hmmm

  8. kayla Says:

    what shop u can not spell at a poke mart

    Rosalyn: Eh?? “Not spell”?? =DD

  9. kayla Says:

    i need help pleaese hurry

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