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Pearl/Diamond Legendaries January 14, 2008

Filed under: Anything Pokemon,Poke-Fun,Pokemon Diamond — rosalynlinh @ 6:38 am

hey guys, just a little bored so i’m just gonna post a pic of the diamond/pearl legendaries:

4thgenlegendaries.gif cute aren’t they? s2

heres a link to ny pokemon diamond walkthrough:

look down for info on pokemon crater


12 Responses to “Pearl/Diamond Legendaries”

  1. crazy4cheez Says:

    Hey Rosalynlinh. OMG I love pokemon too! I know like EVERYTHING about pokemon! It rocks! And I would be happy to help you out with this site if you want. My email is !
    May the pie be with you.
    ~Crazy 😀 :mrgreen:

    Rosalynlinh: thankz, but i’m fine by myself 🙂

  2. rosalynlinh Says:

    remember to check out my pokemon diamond walktrough if you ever need any help with diamond/pearl (its kinda the same, yea??) ♥♥

    ~Rosalyn (rosalynlinh)

  3. linsday Says:

    wow! they are soooooo cute, especially uxie! i love pokemon pearl, thanks for posting the pic!

  4. ian Says:

    hi do u know the creator of pokemon dimond and pearl becuz i have a ? for him could u e mail me thier e mail if u know it lol

    Rosalyn: nope, i dunno him…

  5. Charizard ROX Says:

    I dunno…I think that Mespirit’s the cutest, but he’s my favorite so idk

  6. torri Says:

    i want to play a game like pokemon crater so i can battle and i wandering if any one want to be in a band im trying to make one you can come up with a name i was thinking triple D aka dark demon dragon or something like that just email me @ no caps pokemon rock

  7. torri Says:

    rosalyn r u a boy or a girl and how old r u and do u think u can make anew pokemon website and are u cute like pokemon mainiya

    Rosalyn: i’m a girl. im 12… and im mot really good with computer codes, htmls.. that stuff so i probably be not able to make a site. sorry. =] pokemon mainiya?? whats that??
    rosalyn loves you pokepals. xD ♥

  8. xxx Says:

    Sigh well mesprit and Azelf R my favorites i have them but Azelf always faints.

    By the way rosalyn which game do u have diamond or pearl?

    PS a game is coming out for the japanese version in fall its called pokemon platinum learn more here or (no www)

  9. xxx Says:

    And rosalyn whats ur email?

    Rosalyn: =D

  10. Gwendolyn Says:

    Nice website, especially for a 12 year old. (And I’m one to talk, being 13) The “Look down for info on Pokémon Crater” message seems to be out of date, unless you mean in the top posts, just thought I’d point that out. Hmmm, how to say this without looking like spam…well, I’ve put this thing in my blog that tells me how many people look at my site, from which country, ect. It’s pretty stalker-ish, but it’s really cool, from a blogger’s point of view.
    I use it for my blog, Predictions of Doom from a 13 year old. Check it out if you want to! (The blog and/or the analytics thing)


    Rosalyn: Lol. Thankyou =D I just had my b’day, so now I’m 13 ^^
    ily ❤

  11. Ella Says:

    I think you website is cool! I am 10 a few years younger. But I was wondering if you had any ledgendary pokemon cheats for the Action Replay? If ou do that would be great! I hope i can hear from you soon! Thanks!


  12. jose lopez Says:

    how 2 get Arceus what do i need?

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