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About April 28, 2007

Hello to everyone who’s reading this.

                          About Kewl Pokemon Cheats

 Welcome to Kewl Pokemon Cheats. This site contains real working Pokemon games (Emerald, Fire Red, ect…) cheats and tips. They are all hand written and are at least 99.99% accurate and will work. If you have any questions about any cheats, simply write it in a comment and I’ll get back to you ASAP and if you need any cheats, just ask me too.

I am also a member of Pokemon Crater (, a site where you can pick a starter Pokemon (Torchic, Squirtle, ect…) and battle other members (live or computer-controlled), gym leaders and elite fours. And you can offer Pokemon for trade. If you want, you can message, trade or battle on Pokemon Crater, my username is: Rosalyn_star

Also, I recently started playing Pokemon Indigo, my username is once again: Rosalyn_star, message me.

                     HELP & Site Navigation

This site is pretty easy to understand:

To find cheats on a certain game (Ruby, Leaf Green, ect..) click it on the ‘Catagories’ toolbar.

To search for a type of cheat (HMs, TMs, Wondermail, ect..) type in the ‘Search’ box.

Sometimes I will be changing the smilies on the side bar, just for a little holiday fun. 🙂

               About Kewl Pokemon Cheats Creator

Hello to you, if you’re reading this. 🙂

My name is Rosalyn (a.k.a rosalynlinh) and I play Pokemon games almost everyday and I update ‘Kewl Pokemon Cheats’ weekly with new cheats and tips I discover. I am a girl [just to let you know, girls can be Pokemon experts too :)].  If you need any help with any Pokemon games, feel free to ask me in a comment. I don’t have a GameBoy (believe it or not) but I play all my Pokemon games on VBA (Visual Boy Advance) on the computer so a few things don’t really work for me, but I get friends to test them out for me so they are all working cheats and tips. I hope you enjoy this site and that these cheats help you out with your Pokemon games. Also, battle me on Pokemon Crater. Tata. =) 

Stuffs to See


 <– My Weemee! Come check out or click the pic to take you to my ‘Home’! 🙂


17 Responses to “About”

  1. rosalynlinh Says:

    hello everyone who’s reading this
    this is pokemon cheats site, guess smart people like you already figured that out (heh heh…)
    all the cheats are written by me and are not copied from other sites and are true (except for maybe the wondermails, not sure if they work or not)
    so please reffer or tell anyone you know who plays pokemon games my site please
    thankyou for going to my site so far

    luv ya,
    aka rosalynlinh

  2. the6ninjas Says:

    I’m a pokemon master. I’ve been playing pokemon games since like 2001. I know every pokemons name from Bulbasaur to Arceus. Wonder mails do work. I beat every pokemon game made!!! Me and my friend even make-up pokemon. I have a site too but its more cluubpenguin like. Bye.(site:

  3. rosalynlinh Says:

    wow. congrats on being great at pokemon games the6ninjas. 🙂 nice site BTW

  4. bryan Says:

    pokemon crater shut down realy ticks me off my user is bryan and collin. hopfully it will be back do u play club penguin? If u do my user is 08bwp. ipray its back on. by the way whats ur real name?!?

    hello! yea i play clubpenguin, im a member, my username’s: Rosalynlinh
    my realy name is Rosalyn but people call me rosie, so yea hi 🙂

  5. Justin Says:

    Hey Rosalyn can you help on this websites called pokemon indigo i am new there. Can you please tell me where to fight the gym leaders, i can’t find them.

    Rosalyn: hey! um.. i really haven’t played in awhile, i think its under battle or gyms or something like that. 🙂

  6. Justin Says:

    Hi again can you please tell me how to make your pokemon level up at pokemon indigo.


    by: justin

    Rosalyn: well its like normal pokegames, after winning battles and ur pokemon get exp. points. once they get enough they’re level up. i suggest using a strong pokemon for one and then continue with a weaker one because they’ll both get exp points. 🙂

  7. Britney Says:

    Don’t Worry, Be Happy! =)

  8. digital Says:

    do you know some cheats on pokemon indigo like on pokemon crater was created some acc with all pokemons 100 lwl and weakest for the other clases pokemons i had there all pokemons and all legendary pokemons but thekmn crater is gone do u know any cheatys?

  9. Rosie, um do you like know where all the pokemon in emerald are located like latias and latios? they always flee from me! Where can i get any sort of passes to go to different places other than Hoenn? like maybe to a cave that is in a new place? Have you ever beat the pokemon league? Have you caught all 365 pokemon? HAVE YOU CAUGHT BONSLIGH OR DRATINI? does Miltank evolve into something? Please email me back and please say some of the cheats!
    Your desperste friend, arphur/ Arthur

    yeah i’ve beaten emerald a few times. its pretty impossible to get both latias&latios (except if you have two gbas & emerald games) yeah ive caought dratini. got no idea what bonsligh is though… =] umm… latios/as are usually found in the tall grassy area east of fortree. just walk around. they will flee. so tyr use a pokemon like gastly with the imprison attack to keep it from fleeing. also buy LOTS of ultra balls, coz they won’t always accept capture and break free. buy lots…. i’d say about 20 of each ball type, pokeballs won’t usually work though. xD
    hope this works & helps!!

  10. Shelby Says:

    Hellu all ^_^ you can call me Shell *random Vaporeon jumps on Shell-chan’s head* xD YAY! VAPY! *huggles Vaporeon*
    Ok, Random Hyper time over *aww*. Anywhey, PokemonCrater might be comming back? That’s good! If Aaron was going to collage, why didn’t he just get a friend to look after the site instead of taking it down? I hope I don’t have to remake my account (it was Shellaco for thoughs who want to know).

    On another note, I have been playing the games since they came out (my first game was Pokemon Blue Vershion) and ever since I trained a Vaporeon to level 100 (no Rarecandies, no cheats, no traiding, no EXP Share, ect. ect.) it has been my faverate. Currently in my Pokemon Diamond, I have two only-training level 100 Vaporeon, one being shiney (FEAR THE SHINEYNESS! FEAR IT!).

    If anyone wants to contact me <> {{Shell-chan: …O_o*sweatdrop*}}, here’s afew ways:

    AIM: shecomora

    Gaiaonline: Vaporeon99



    And Remember: StAy RaNdOm!!!

    Rosalyn Lol yes. Hoory for randomness!! 🙂 =] ILYVM ♥

  11. KellyChiaPeiXuan Says:

    How do you get to sunyshore city in pokemon diamond?
    ? ? ?:-)

  12. tranniepantsslashwear Says:




    cool site ( Y )

  13. poke master Says:

    here is a cheat for pokemon indigo version will turn all your pokemon to lv 100 so here it is.
    1. go to edit your profile and change your email to and log out then try to login and click forgot password and enter in the email then click enter and wait 3 days it worked for me im now the most strongest trainer on my friend list

  14. dark master Says:

    Can you trade me a groudon or kyogre (at least lv 35) in pokemon indigo ?
    i have a zapdos lv 40…

    i wanted a groudon so badly ….

    Oh , and if you want to trade , my username is skater96…just offer me the groudon or kyogre ….


  15. dark master Says:

    i already got a groudon lv 100 yay yayayayayayay

  16. rosalynlinh Says:

    hello everyone !
    how are you all ?
    merry christmas too by the way too.
    hahahas, i love all the random comments you wrote.
    i hope you like all the cheats/tip & news here.
    i got bored so i’m writing stuff.. yeah.. ^^”
    bye bye. :]

  17. cossie Says:

    hey rosie, did yall know that a new pokemon game is coming out this year ,its called pokemon platinum, its for ds and it was meant too come out with diamond and pearl but they had too change some bits, like some gyms are different, and getting giratina is harder, i bought one from ebay its so fun, it coming out in australia, on march the 22nd, 2009.

    ps, i love ur site

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