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Miscellanious Emerald Cheats September 23, 2007

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Finding Ditto: After beating the league, i think 2 times, go to Fallabor and into the fossil maniac’s house and there will be a cave at the back and you will find ditto around 30-50 lvl dittos

Safari Zone: after beating the league a new area of the safari zone will be opened will new pokemon, to get all of them, you need mach bike AND acro bike

smeargle: go to the waterfall @ the battle frontier near where u found smeargle (water it with the wailmer pail) and surf left and there will be a cave, go in and walk around and there will be lvl 40-50 smeargles.


here are the steps          you will need: pokemon with surf, dive, dig, flash & rocksmash

1) go to pacifilodge and surf to where the currents are. STAY SOUTH.. keep surfing below and eventually you will get to a small dark patch, dive there and swin south and read the code on the rock then surface up. walk to the end of the sealed chamber and read the code then use dig, a door will open. walk to the end and read the code, the ground will start shaking and it’ll say a door opened far away.

Registeel: Go to the big rock on route 120 (where a trainer said he thinks it leads to ancient ruins but there’s no entrance) now there will a hole. walk in go to the exact middle of the room and use flash. a door will open, go in and there will be registeel.

Regice: Surf down to route 105 and there will be a rock will a door, go in. read the middle code, then walk around the perimetre of the cave then read the code again, the door should open, go inside and there’ll be regice.

(Lastly…) Regirock: Go to the desert on route 111 and go down the most southerst point and a rock will have a door. go in and read the middle code, then press LEFT TWICE then DOWN TWICE then use rocksmash and a door will open and inside will be regirock.

TIP: save infront of each regi (they wont move until u talk to it) before attacking just incase u kill it, u will only see it once. and dont use master balls, get lots of pokeballs and chuck it at it for a long time, then after a while, use a timer ball or ultra ball, save the master ball.


11 Responses to “Miscellanious Emerald Cheats”

  1. rosalynlinh Says:

    this sounds stupid, but i can’t find skitty, i looked in the pokedex and i was in the area, but i still can’t find it..

  2. watex Says:

    very nice site i voted in ur poll.

    i used to play pokemon but i kinda gave up after i “beat the game” i have all the game versions except emerald and blue

  3. rosalynlinh Says:

    does any play club penguin? i do and im a member, if u need cheats, go to watex’s site, its very good and has seriously funny cp pics, check it out:
    have fun!!! 😀

  4. hey Rosalyn Says:

    Hi Rosalyn
    I wrote a message for you just like you asked LOL
    Dont know what to write, so I’ll wrie to you again when you tell me on MSN Okay ? Ok
    from your viet friend who didnt go to viet skool :jenny Jen Jen (hehe)
    (You are a pokemon freak….minh co tap lam o nha khong?)

  5. hey Rosalyn Says:

    dear dear dear Rosalyn
    Here I am again Lol 😛
    Opps, um…I did a mistake on the last message. I wrote “wrie” instead of ‘write’ LOL
    So…I just went to skool, so borin<<<sorry, nothing to do with Pokemon.
    To every one who is reading this-this person who created this website is a pokemon and avatar freak, just to let ya all know…
    she’s in year 6 and knows heaps…and wen I say heaps, i mean heaps about Pokemon.Sorry I didnt go to Viet skool, hope you had fun
    Bye again: jenny jen jen XOXO

  6. emtek77 Says:


  7. sean kingsten (sean) Says:

    I got face to face with latias three times but latias keeps braking out of my ultraballs but it brakes out the latias flees.

  8. zakwan Says:

    i cant do any of the regis cheats

    Rosalyn: really?? just keep trying. it took me around 5 tries until i got it right. you have to do them very carefully and corectectly. if you stuff it up, go outside and start again. =]

  9. xxx Says:

    my friend cant find kyogre and groudon my pokedex says its at marine cave but he doesnt know where it is

    Rosalyn: talk to the scientist guy that you saved at the computer in the lab near fortree and he’ll tell your the route. it’s different everytime so get there fast. =D

  10. Hayley Says:

    Okay, the acro bike and the little white broken bridges can you jump those or do you just wait till you finish unlocking the Safari zone?

    Rosalyn: you can just jump on them =D

  11. dark master Says:

    hey rosalyn
    dont u know how 2 clone pokemon ?
    its somewhere near the battle frontier isnt it ?
    my friend did it but im not so sure how 2 …

    Rosalyn: Eh.. sorry I don’t know. But I’m pretty sure there’s a way in the battle frontier. ;DD

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