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Message from Nintendo February 26, 2008

Hello ya’ll!

I got a (well 3 really..) messages from Nintendo (you can check some of my posts and pages comments) saying that Pokemon Crater will be returning, but didn’t say when. Also the creator of PokeCrater did ask permission for pokemoncrater to be made, so that’s  a reason off the list… Anyways Nintendo said Pokemon Crater will be returning soon and you should (of you like 🙂 ) to check out their sites: or for updates.

Here are a copy of the comments from the Graphics page.

  1. Nintendo Says: We are proud to say Pokemon Crater will be returning soon. Keep in touch with our site for results.
  2. Nintendo Says: We have got word that Pokemon Crater did not get permission from nintendo first. That is false, Pokemon Crater has a contract and full permission from the Nintendo Company and Pokemon Crater will return very soon.Rosalynlinh: ooo.. wow thanks!!
  3. Nintendo Says: We are proud to say Pokemon Crater wil be returning soon. Keep in touch at

Yay!! I got over 50,000 hits! Thankyou sooooo much for everyone who has visited my site. I hope even the littlest thing helped. 🙂

~ Rosalyniiexx =D

*cough* um.. the second copied comment is kinda smudged… forgive me ^^


16 Responses to “Message from Nintendo”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Hi Rosalyn, I just want you to know that I come on here pretty much everyday to see what news you have of Pokemon Crater’s return. I find that you are the most reliable source for Pokemon Crater than any other site telling us when it will be back or if it will be back, thank you so much for giving everyone your information. And since you got 3 messages from Nintendo saying that it will be back, I have been very happy! I hope it comes back sometime today (Feb.28th) like you said it would on one of your news things about PC. Keep us all updated!!! And thank you so much!!!!!!!!

    Rosalyn: awww… thanks!!!

  2. ben166 Says:

    i am in 4 please block that out

  3. Austen Says:

    sweet cant wait till it comes its feb 29 still not here can yah give us some more info to help us out to stop worrying

    Rosalyn: yea sorry about that… i just can’t really find out more info yet…

  4. SuperMarioFan Says:

    Thanks for the info! i hope crater comes back soon. i’ll always be checking here.

  5. Emtek77 Says:


  6. Crazy Says:


  7. hyper1210 Says:

    Pokemon Crater did not Return!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. Douglas Says:

    It’s now June 6th and nothing has come… It’s not going to come back 😦

  9. Douglas Says:

    June 7th sorry

  10. Aria Says:

    awwwwww…….. its june 25! And pokemon crater has not come……….. it might not come back………. and I had such great pokemon on the site !

  11. lisaz Says:


  12. kasey Says:

    WHY HASENT POKEMON CRATOR COME BACK YET!??! IT’S THE 4th OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rosalyn: because life is cruel. lol ^^

  13. kasey Says:

    Why couldn’t the creator just let someone else just maintain pokemon crator?

  14. rosalynlinh Says:

    um.. as you may have noticed… the copy of the messages in the post is knga smudged… *cough*..

    FORGIVE ME!!! ^^

    ~Rosalyniiexx aka rosalynlinh =D

  15. OMG Says:


  16. emmacymru Says:

    Hey, any word on pokemon crater or any new messages from nintendo?

    Rosalyn: nope, sorry ^^”

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