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Miscellanious Pearl Cheats February 9, 2008

Here’s how to get Manaphy!

Get on Pokemon Ranger and access Ranger Net.(you must beat the game to get this) Leave the screen on Play a special mission and then hold down the buttons, X, R, and the Dpad Left. You should see a popup on your screen saying you can now access enter the Password. Then click enter the password and enter the code: P8M2-9D6F-43H7

You have now unlocked the Secret Ranger Net Mission Rescue the Manaphy Egg! This is a pretty easy mission, it just takes a while. After you have beaten it, you find a button saying check the egg. Then click Send the egg.(or something like that) Now you must have another DS for this, and you must own Pokemon Pearl to hatch the egg because you cannot hatch eggs in the Fiore Region. Now on the other DS, stay on the Pokemon Pearl title screen. Once you have clicked  send the egg on Ranger, then you should get something on Pearl, then follow the instructions. Once you have completed it, go to the nearest Pokemart and pick up your egg by talking to the guy standing in front of the counter. The egg will hatch soon! (manaphy’s only level 1 though!)

~(This was from Emtek77, coz i dont have pearl/ranger, just diamond. Her site is in my blogroll if you wanna check it out:


11 Responses to “Miscellanious Pearl Cheats”

  1. rosalynlinh Says:

    Hello! its me!!!
    I hope this cheat works for everyone and please comment some pearl cheats if you can.

    ~Rosalyn (rosalynlinh) ☺

  2. emtek77 Says:

    Thankz for the credit ^^ It doesn’t have to be Pearl, you can do it on Diamond. I put my Manaphy in the day care because I’m way to lazy to train it at lvl 1. now it’s lvl 39 in the day care!! even though it isnt that high, but still =)

    PS: how do you get to other parts in the battle zone??? i can only get to the tower! 😦

  3. rosalynlinh Says:

    that’s ok! i really dont want to teal anywayz…
    ohter parts in the battle zone.. um… hmm… i’ll try find out and answer asap.

  4. emtek77 Says:

    yay! i’ve been trying to figure out for ages, and the dude thats blockin the way says go to the battle tower. I’VE BEEN THERE 50 BAJILLION TIMES AND WON!

  5. emtek77 Says:

    OMG 50,000 HITS!

    Rosalyn: lol, thanks!!

  6. Emtek77 Says:

    u should make another post about ur 50000 hits!

    Rosalynlinh: lol, yea thanks!! i will soon when i have some time. 🙂

  7. Tyson Says:

    how the heck do u get the legendaires in the pokemon tower???? i know you can cause i have seen it happen before …..can any1 help me plz

  8. kub Says:

    how do i evolve a pokemon?

    Rosalynlinh: it’ll evolve automatically when you’ve reached the require exp. points.

  9. Nancy Says:


    Rosalyn: lol, lalalalalaaaaa…. ♥

  10. Nancy Says:

    try some stones on it it might just evolve

  11. xxx Says:

    what pokemon?

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