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Emerald HMs April 28, 2007

Filed under: Emerald,HM/TM Cheats — rosalynlinh @ 4:02 am

Here is the list of HMs and how to get them. Note: You must defeae gyms and get the badge to use HM attacks outside battle, example surfing on water with Surf.

1) CUT: Go to the Rusturf tunnel and defeat the team aqua/magma grunt. Then go back to Rustboro and visit the houses, one of them should have a person that gives you Cut.

2) FLY: Go in the Weather Institute and battle the team aqua/magma grunts. After going all the way, you will get the weather Pokemon Castform. Then go outside and you rival will battle you, after you will get Fly.

3) SURF: after defeating Flannery in Lavaridge Town (the 4th gym) to back to Petalberg and go in your dad will battle you, after that a guy will come out of next door and give you Surf. OR just go next door.

4) STRENGTH: Use Rock Smash in Rusturf Tunnel and 2 a guy will talk and go to the other side to visit his girlfriend. Go to their house and you will get Strength by talking to one of the people in the house.

5) FLASH: Go to Route 106 (above Dewford) and into the Granite Cave and the guy in front will give you Flash.

6) ROCK SMASH: One of the people in their house in Mauville will give you Rock Smash.

7) DIVE:Go in Mossdeep City and into the Space Station and defeat all the team aquas or magma, I can’t remember =) then help Steven defeat Maxie then visit him in his house in Mossdeep and he will give you Dive.

8) WATERFALL: SORRY, I’m not up to there yet, but I’ll post as soon as I do, promise!


4 Responses to “Emerald HMs”

  1. rosalynlinh Says:

    that’s nice to know

  2. Angelo Says:

    The HM08 Waterfall can be found after you go to the sky pillar and awakened Rayquaza……….After Rayquaza stop Groundon and Kyogre talk to The Leader of the Team Aqua and Magma then talk to Steven and he will give you the HMO8 Waterfall…..

    I Hope it might help you……good luck for the PoKemon League……

  3. legomaniac96 Says:

    I only have Cut and Rock Smash 😦 Help! I can’t get past the gym leader that has all the electric things that you gotta walk by, you unlock the switches. Help!

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