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Emerald Waterfall HM May 1, 2007

Filed under: Emerald,HM/TM Cheats — rosalynlinh @ 5:37 am

Hey there, I learned how to get waterfall now:

Surf down from mossdeep and dive when you get to a deep patch of water. There will be a cave go there and and then Archie will talk and Kyogre will appear and then fled, go back to mossdeep then go to the Sky Pillar (near pacifalodge) and there will bo rayquaza, go back to mossdeep and all the three will be there after that surf to the gym island and talk to the guy with the hat and he will give you the hm waterfall, then visit the gym and you’re ready for the pokemon league!

P.S: I think the best stater pokemon is treeko because 2 elite four have ice and water type and the champion has gyrados as the final pokemon.


6 Responses to “Emerald Waterfall HM”

  1. rosalynlinh Says:

    SORRY, i accidenty before wrote the tile as ‘fire red waterfall hm’ when it was supposed to say emerald (not fire red) sorry but ive fixed it now, enjoy the cheats

  2. ewout Says:

    i have a question,
    look i have waterfaal and i have defited the gym.
    but now i’m near to a waterfall but a can’t clim it.
    can you explaine me how to do thad ?

    thxs greets ewout

  3. fernando Says:

    hey like i went to sky pillar and then like the door wasnt open what do i do

    Rosalynlinh: um… its meant to be opened… try talking to the professor in that lab (near fortree)… =] ♥

  4. fernando Says:


  5. fernando Says:

    WERE IS THE professor EXACTLY

  6. rye reddings Says:

    Hi People,

    I need help here. I can’t find waterfall HM07. The Eight Gym Door locked, guy blocking cave of origin, door locked to sky pillar. This is Emerald. Please help

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