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Catching Kyogre & Groudon May 20, 2007

Filed under: Emerald — rosalynlinh @ 3:27 am

to catch kygro and groudon u should use a timer ball (bought from rustboro) and make the battle go longer. to to the weather institute (where u got castfrom) and talk to the guy and he will tell u a route, go there and there will be raining, lightning and thunder together, if its a water route, it will be kyogre and land if groudon, go in a cave and they will be there after catching one of them go back the the weather insitute and the guy will give u another route, that will be the other pokemon.


6 Responses to “Catching Kyogre & Groudon”

  1. rosalynlinh Says:

    kyogre:you should use a dive ball for kyogre

    groudon:make that battle with groudon long so you can use the timer ball, i did, just let it keep sleeping cause it’ll take longer, save the master ball for rarer legendaries

    latios\latias: have a pokemon like wabofet or trapinch with the pokemon affect arean trap of attack like imprison to stop if from fleeing, coz there’s are 99% chance of it fleeing after 1 attack, you can find in mostly in the tall grass near fortree

  2. emtek77 Says:

    I can’t get it anymore because I did it too many times. I accidentally made Latios faint, ughhh…..

  3. blah Says:

    You should save before you go to fight the legedary so if you make it faint you can just turn off the game boy and start over.

    Rosalynlinh: yeah, you probably should =]

  4. Carlo Says:

    Can i catch the kyogre because i get that 1 groudon in cave of sootopolis

    Rosalyn: yeah you can still catch groudon even when you have kyogre, just ask that professor on the way to fortree city.

  5. groudon Says:

    i wanna some legendary pokemon.they are groudon and kyogre.

  6. groudon Says:

    will u give me ? if u wanna to give me . my username is rahul_punk.

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