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Diamond WT December 25, 2007

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We start our adventure in Twinleaf Town. I am not going to tell you how to get
through the games first start up as if you are reading this FAQ, you probably
have already done it. I am also not going to try and guess at names you may
have chosen for you and your “friend” so I will refer to the friend as RIVAL (I named him Gary, like Ash’s).
Go down the stairs and speak to your mother. Walk outside and there is 4 houses
in twinleaf. Your house is the bottom right and you can revisit your dear
mother whenever for a free pokemon refresh. Your rival’s house is the top left
and you need to go there now so make haste. He will interrupt you and begin to
leave when you near his door. He will forget something and return back into the
house. Enter the house and go up to the second floor.

Talk to him and he will run off again. Go down the stairs and out. Head north
to enter Route 201. Your RIVAL is waiting for you there. He will talk to you
when you approach him. He will follow you now. Head west, because you cannot
enter the grass without a pokemon. Follow the path west and then north to enter
the lakefront. Save before you enter if you want to ensure you get a female
pokemon. Pick your pokemon and when you enter the battle, if it is not female,
Time to get a pokekmon. You will encounter two people chatting. They will leave
and forget something. Your rival will notice and you two will head into the the
grass. ATTACK! Now pick your pokemon:

Turtwig –    You get Defense and Attack at the cost of speed. Turns into a
             grass/ground poke and will make a better choice for an easier

Chimchar –   High attack, involves into a Fire/Fighting type poke. Rough first
             gym but gets easier after that.

Piplup –     Pretty easy first gym with this poke, turns into a water/metal
             poke which is strong late in the game.

Defeat the Starly with your newfound pokemon. Now you are busted. You transport
back to your house and your mother will give you the running shoes. Hooray! Now
the fun begins. Head north (Route 201) and east through the grass. You can gain
some levels here but you cannot catch any of the pokemon yet. Follow Route 201
to Sandgem Town. The man in the grass will give you a potion if you speak with
him and it restores 20HP.

Your RIVAL will take you to the professor’s lab. Talk to the professor and say
yes to his adventure and you will get the Pokedex. After you have the pokedex,
leave and you will be escorted around town. Your escort will head north a bit
to Route 202 and if you try to pass, she will tell you to visit your mother.
You can head south and get the Antidote and can also buy pokeballs at the mart.

So, head back to your house. Talk to your mom and your RIVAL’s mom will enter
and give you a package to deliver. Go back to Sandgem and head north to Route
202. The person in the grass will show you how to catch pokemon and give you 5
free pokeballs.
Pokemon found on Route 201: Bidoof, Starly
Pokedex seen count: 3
Route 202: Route 202 has your first trainer battle. Hopefully you raised your starter poke
some levels to deal with the trainers. The battles aren’t hard so you shouldn’t
have much trouble. There are some new pokes in the grass and another potion on
this route.
Route 202 pokes: Shinx, Bidoof, Starly, Kricketot
Route 202 leads to Jubilife Town. Your RIVAL is located at the trainer school
and it has a big pokeball logo above the door. Enter the school and deliver
the package to get the town map. Battle the two trainers on the right side of
the school to get TM10. They both have abras which is Psychic type. This will
add another pokemon to our seen count.

When you leave the school, head north to be approached by a man who is doing a
promotion on watches. Find the clowns, answer yes to all of them and then get a
watch. There are clowns in the town and they are very easy to find.

Locations: 1) Near the pokemon center, north
           2) In front of the TV station
           3) In front of the watch company, Poketch

Talk to the man with your three coupons in hand and you will get the watch.
Before you leave town, enter the condos and the girl on the first floor will
give you the quick claw. Exit Jubilife using the west exit. Once you enter the
building exit, talk to the fisherman inside to get the Old Rod. You can now
catch magikarps. Who doesn’t love gyarados? You cannot do anything else on
Route 218 until later. Head back into Jubilife.
Leave town through the northern exit.
There is a new pokemon up here, Budew. The second trainer here will show you a
magikarp. The third trainer will show Budew if you didn’t find one in the grass
already. Enter the cave and you can find Psyduck, Geodude and Zubat. Exit the
cave once you have at least found Geodude and Zubat.

Head back into Jubilife when you are finished catching pokes and battling
trainers. The east exit is the way to go but be ready for a battle with your
RIVAL. He will have a Starly at level 7 and his starter at level 9.

Your RIVAL will show another pokemon, his starter. Quite a few trainers here.
Make your way through the route getting some XP. Abra is available in the
grass. If you want one, you have to throw the pokeball immediately as it will
run away if you try to battle it. When you get to the end, there is a cave
entrance. The trainer south of the cave entrance has a Machop for your pokedex.
The cave has a couple trainers inside and also nets you an HM. It is a small
cave and exits in Oreburgh City. The last trainer shows you a Psyduck if you
didn’t find one earlier.
Finally, a badge city. However, the gym leader is not around. He is in the
mines and you will have to go get him out. The first house in town has a dusk
ball on the second floor. The 2nd house offers an Abra for a Machop which is a
great way to get an Abra that will grow fast. Upstairs is a man looking to see
a Zubat. You will get a TM if you bring him one. Enter the pokemon center and
go down the stairs. Wi-fi is now open to you. The house below the mining museum
has a great ball.

The mine is located in the Southern most part of town. You can get a super
potion from one of the workers east of the mine entrance. Enter the mine. Onix
is the new poke available here. The mine has some trainers and a worker
located between two rocks. Talk to him, he is the gym leader, and he will show
you rock smash and leave. Defeat the trainers and collect the items. When done,
head out and off to the gym.
This gym is all geodude and onix. Make sure you have a poke that can handle
these two (water/grass is best). The leader has a lvl 12 of each and a lvl 14
Cranidos who is very tough. It’s huge attack stat will knock most of your
pokes out with one hit. If you have trouble, raise your levels. Winning nets
you a TM that is very similar to spikes but for a rock pokemon and your first
NOTE: The GTS is now open in Jubilife which enables you to trade pokemon online
without knowing friend codes. If you get a pokemon that is a much higher level
than the pokes you are using, it probably will not obey you. Keep that in mind.

Now the quest for the 2nd badge begins. If you go north of Oreburgh, you can
catch a Machop on Route 207. You can’t do anything else until you have the bike
so you need to go back through the tunnel to Jubilife. Once you reach Jubilife,
head north for a double battle. After the battle, you will get the Fashion
Case. You can now buy dress-up items to use on your pokemon inside the tv
station, pointless IMO. The grunts showed some more pokes so that is nice.
Enter the TV station before going on Route 204.
On the first floor, talk to the Pikachu. It will battle you and will be added
to your Dex. The girl at the counter does a lottery. Bring all traded pokemon
here and draw a number. If it matches, you can get a good item like a master
ball. There is a turtwig mask on the second floor if you want it. Leave. Talk
to the president of the poketch company. He is by the counter on the first
floor of the poketch building. You get the app Memo Pad. Leave.
You can now get through the cave with rock smash. Inside the cave, left gets
you an item but dead ends and right exits the cave. Once outside, keep trekking
north. The first trainer shows Cherubi. The double battle up ahead shows
Pachirisu. Return here with cut to get TM78. No new pokes in the grass, TM09 is
on the west side of this route. Floaroma town is just ahead.

Flowers, flowers, flowers. The flower shop has the watering can and some
berries. There is TM88 in the house next to the flower shop. Nothing else to
see here, make your way east (Route 205).

The bridge is impassable so keep going east. The grunt guarding the building
has a lvl11 Glameow which is new to the dex. Fight the goon and he will lock
himself inside the Windworks. He will also tell you about the goons in
Floaroma town so you need to go back there. The grass has some new pokes,
Pachirisu, Shellos and Buizel.

Once you are back in Floaroma, move to the top left corner of the town and the
goons will be gone. Now there is a secret entrance. Defeat the goons inside the
garden to get the key from the old man. Grunt 1 will show a Silcoon. After the
the old man will give you some honey that can be put on the orange /
brown trees. See the Appendix to find out which pokemon can only be caught this
way. Once again, back to the Valley Windworks. Leave the garden with key in
hand and take Route 205 east. Open the door the grunt hid behind earlier.

Inside, be ready for battle. The grunts will be easy but the boss is a little
tough. The first grunt you encounter has a lvl11 Cascoon for the dex. The boss
is one of Team Galactics commanders. She has a lvl 14 Zubat and a lvl 16
Purugly. I ended up beating Purugly with a lvl 10 onix but I lost everything
else. Use potions and defeat her.

Once she is defeated, you can cross the bridge from earlier. The papa and the
little girl will tell you about a special balloon poke but you cannot get that
one yet so ignore it for now. Heal in Floaroma and cross the bridge.
The first trainer over the bridge has a lvl14 Ponyta. There are no new pokes in
the grass. There are some items here along the route but nothing fancy. There
is a house near the end of the route that will heal your pokemon. Just west of
the house is a trainer that has Piplup which may or may not help with your dex.
Do not worry if it doesn’t. The rest of the trainers can be skipped if you do
not want the XP.

When you enter the forest, you get approached by someone looking for help with
getting out. She will follow you and fight alongside you during your trek. One
really cool thing about her following you is that after every battle, your
pokemon are fully healed. The forest isn’t hard to get through, just keep
fighting trainers and you know you are going the right way. There are some
items in the grass and also some new pokes. Going through the grass with your
new friend nets two pokemon per battle as well.

The first double battle shows Beautifly and Silcoon to your pokedex. The third
double battle has Burmy, Kricketune and Dustox. The fourth one has a Meditite.

1) East, north, double battle, follow route to double battle.
2) South, east, double battle, east, north, double battle, north, east into
3) North, west, north, east, EXIT.

NEW Pokemon roundup: Murkrow(D), Wurmple, Silcoon(D), Cascoon(P),Beautifly(D),
                     Buneary, Dustox(P), Misdreavus(P)

Misdreavus and Murkrow can be hard to find so if you don’t, you will get to see
them later in the game. Exit the forest and cross the bridge, fight the
fisherman to get some lousy XP because they mostly have magikarps. From left to
right, the 1st fisherman doesn’t battle, the 2nd one has a goldeen for the dex,
the 3rd fisherman has only Magikarp so skip him entirely and the last fisherman
also has a goldeen with a bunch of Magikarp.
Keep going east and you will enter Eterna City.

Talk to everyone in the town and you should net a TM from an old lady, an
explorer kit and HM Cut. If you head south right away there is a professor’s
aid that will give you EXP share. The condos have an in-game trade, Buizel for
a Chatot. They also have the name rater who lets you nickname your pokemon. You
cannot change the name of traded pokemon however. The old lady with TM67 is on
the 2nd floor here.

The explorer kit can be found in the house next to the pokemon center. Talk to
the old man and he will give you the kit and also some tests he wants you to
complete so you can learn how to use the kit. See the Appendix for pokemon that
can be caught this way and what you can do underground. You get HM cut when you
take the northern route in the city. There is a poketch app inside the pokemon
center, talk to the girl near the counter to get it.

The second badge is here and you do not need to do anything special to get it.
Just go to the gym and fight for it. The gym in town is a grass gym so you will
need a flying or fire move for it. There are a couple new pokemon available to
see in the gym.

When you get to the gym, the leader will be waiting for you. She will hide her
trainers inside the gym and you will need to find them and defeat them to be
able to battle her. Enter the main room after she goes in and start searching.
Go north 90% of the way then head west. The first trainer is here. Follow the
path west, then south and you will find the second trainer after the 2 rocks.
Go back to the door and you can see three small trees in the top right of your
screen, behind them is a trainer. To get to the last one, go back to the door
and follow the first path east and then north. The trainer is in the area with
the four flowers.

Now you can fight the gym leader. Her highest level poke is a lvl 22 Roserade.
I demolished all her pokes and everyone in the gym with a lvl19 Staravia. So
long as you have a super effective move for this gym, you should breeze through

Pokedex seen count: 38

After you defeat the gym leader, you have a couple options. From here, you can
head east to route 211 where there is some tall grass and a cave. This way has
Ponyta, Chingling and Meditite in the grass. Inside the cave there is Cleffa
but the cave dead ends until later in the game. If you can’t find ponyta, give
up until later one where it will be a lot more common. The two trainers you can
fight along the way have nothing new.

Pokedex seen count: 39 (not counting ponyta or cleffa)

In the northern part of town, there are some grass trees that you can cut down.
Cut them and enter the building. This is the galactic grunts building and you
need to go through it in order to get the bike. You can avoid most of the
trainers in here or talk to the people on the computers to get more XP. The
hardest poke in here is a lvl 20 Skuntank with most of the pokes averaging lvl
15 and they are mostly bugs. You get two new pokemon for the pokedex even if
you skip the trainers on the computers.
Once you defeat all the trainers, the bike shop owner is released and you can
enter the bike shop and get a bike. The bike shop is located just south of the
pokemon center. You get a bike that is the mach bike and acro bike mixed
together. You change between bikes by pressing the B button. Go back to where
you got the exp share and now you can get past the guards as you have a bike. 

There are some trainers along here you can fight for some more XP. The first
trainer you can battle has a Staravia for the pokedex. The third trainer has a
Ponyta if you didn’t catch one earlier. You will be able to catch one soon. The
rest can be skipped if you so choose. At the end of cycling road is a girl who
will give you an accessory. Exit cycling road and you are at Route 206, up the
ledge that we couldn’t go up earlier. There are two small trees that you can
cut here. Cut them to gain access to some new pokemon. On route 206, you can
find Bronzor, Stunky(D), Kricketune and Ponyta. This Ponyta is a lot more
abundant than the one earlier.
There is a cave at the end of Route 206 called the Cave of Doubt. You can use
the TM flash to light up the cave but Bidoof cannot learn it. If you do not
want to use your TM(and who would), I have the way to go here as it is quite a
maze. Enter the cave and follow these directions: SMR stands for Smash the Rock

1) North, SMR.
2) North again, SMR.
3) North, then west, SMR.
*) West, South, West, South leads to two trainers and an item, TM32
*) West, South, SMR, South leads to a Hiker and a dead end
4) North, SMR
5) North, then West, SMR
*) North, West, South leads to two trainers and an item (Rare Candy)
6) North, East, SMR, continue East, South, Escape Rope.
7) East, South, SMR
8) South, SMR, Follow path and keeping SMRs. When you get to north or south
   intersection, go North. You will get Mira who heals your pokes after battles
   South from Mira goes to two trainers. Pokemon encounters now show two pokes
9) Leave with Mira. Follow directions backwards. You can go back and fight the
   trainers now as they will be easier with healing afterwards.

Head back to where you cut the trees and go down. You
are on Route 207. You can now go down the ledge and back up so long as your
bike is set to fast. Down the ledge is a town so you can heal your pokes. You
should be OK though since you had Mira. On your way to the town, your friend
will stop you and ask you to pick a hand. It does not matter which hand you
pick because you get the same item anyway, the VS SEEKER and a poketch app.
You want to go East on Route 207 when you are ready. Some trainers and items
throughout here or you can just skip a lot of the trainers and go to the cave.
The hiker before the cave has a Bronzor if you didn’t see one earlier. The cave
is very short and requires no HMs. Go through the cave.

Same situation as before. You can fight everyone and get items or run through
this part. After the grass is the berry masters house. He will give you a
berry everyday. The little girl gives you a poketch app so get that from her.
The girl trainer before the house has a Combee for the pokedex. The fellow
south of the house has a Mime Jr and a Bonsly. There is a Karate guy south of
the house that will give you the Odd Keystone that you need to capture the
pokemon Spiritomb. East arrives in Hearthome City.

Now that you have done cycling road and have the ability to use cut, you can
return to the forest and cut down the trees near the exit. There is an Old
Chateau here. Now is your chance to get a Gastly. Inside here lies TM90 and
some items. You don’t need to go here, unless you want a Gastly or TM90, other wise, don’t worry about exploring there.

Do like you always do when you enter a town. Talk to everyone and get stuff.
The Shell Bell is available on the second floor of the house right next to the
Fan Club. The Poffin Case is given to you by the Fan Club president. You need
this to evolve a pokemon like Feebas. The hiker in the Southeat corner of town
has an egg for you. To hatch an egg, carry the egg with you and walk a certain
amount of steps with the egg. It will hatch when you reach the right amount of
steps. It is usually somewhere between 3,000 and 7,000 steps and depends on the

Ensure your pokemon are healed because you are going to have to battle your
RIVAL in the town. After you battle, the Southeast exit opens up. There is no
gym battle here but you can talk to the gym leader outside the contest hall.
You need to do this in order to get your RIVAL to battle you. Enter the contest
hall after the gym leader moves and talk to your mom. You can leave now and you
will be able to battle.

In the Northeast and Northwest corner of the city is a cute pokemon stroll
area. Only certain pokemon are permitted here and it has some TMs and other
useful items in it. The Southeast corner exit leads to Route 209 and you can
get a Good Rod from the fisherman here. The Southwest exit is still blocked by
the TV reporter. Go to Route 209. Your RIVAL has evolved his starter and you
should have evolved yours by now as well.

More same old pokemon formula here. Walk through the route collecting items and
battling trainers. The Pikachu is actually a trainer you can battle. The first
trainer you encounter has a Pichu for the pokedex. You can now fish for better
fish with the Good Rod here. Place the Odd Keystone inside the large rock and
it turns into the Hallowed Tower. This serves no purpose until you have talked
to 32 people in the underground, more on that later. The girl trainer west of
the Tower has a Cleffa if you missed it earlier. Route 209 leads to Solaceon
Town and the Lost Tower.
NEW pokemon round up: Chansey, Mime JR, Bibarel, Good Rod pokes

The Lost Tower is a tower of pokemon graves. You can be attacked while walking
around the tower. There are some more trainers and items scattered here. The
first trainer has a Stunky(D) which is good for Pearl players. There are some
Gastly here if you didn’t go back to Old chateau. On the third floor, there is
a double battle you can skip, don’t. The trainers have Misdreavus and Murkow so
that is good for both Diamond and Pearl players. You get the cleanse tag and HM
Strength at the top of the tower. Leave.

Solaceon town: To the Pokemon Center to heal. Everyone around town is wearing a hat. Talk to
everyone in town to get some new items. The first cowboy you see gives you a
poketch app. The furthest house east has the seal case for you. If you bring
the newspaper guy what he wants, he will give you an item. Nothing spectacular.
We have finally reached the Day Care! You can breed two pokemon by putting a
male and female from the same egg group into the day care. Once you have put
two pokemon in the day care, the man inside will give you a poketch app. The
day care is also good for raising pokemon you don’t want to battle with. Every
step you take is 1 XP for a day care pokemon. Talk to the day care man outside
when you have two pokemon in the day care to see how long an egg will take to
arrive. If the old man says, “The two prefer to play with other pokemon” then
you will never get an egg. No gym there though.

Solaceon ruins: Located in the east side of town in a cave. The ruins has Unown and trainers.
Press A on the rocks to get items. It doesn’t work for all of the rocks though.
There is only one right way to go through the ruins. When you first enter the
ruins, there is text on the wall and it is directions on how to get to through
the maze.
“Top Right, Lower Left, Top Right, Top left, Top Left, Lower Left.”
When you get to the room with the 4 pokeballs, there is text on the wall. It is
written in Unown and it possibly says:
“Friendship all lives touch other lives to create something anew and alive.”
Leave the ruins once you have everything. Go north of town to Route 210.
Unown are all different letters but only count as 1 entry in the pokedex (weird…)

Route 210: The first trainer in the tall grass has an Aipom and a Girafarig for the dex.
You get TM51 along the way here but you have to talk a the girl on the right
side of the route to get it. The second double battle has a Clefairy for the
pokedex. The trainer north of the second double battle has a Happiny so if you
dont want to hatch the egg from the hiker, battle him or the girl at the end of
the tall grass.
As you travel, you will find the Milk store and lots of people inside. If you
talk to them, most of them will engage in battle. You can battle the two
trainers at the same table for Sudowoodo and Mr. Mime. You cannot get past the
Psyducks right now so go east to Route 215.

Route 215: More trainers and more pokes. You can catch a Kadabra in the grass. Keep going and you will reach Veilstone City. The first trainer battle has a Shieldon
which we haven’t seen yet. TM66 is available from a Karate guy. The 2nd Karate
guy has a Croagunk and the third one is right next to a Fist Plate but has no
new pokemon. TM43 is available by way of cut along the route. The double battle
at the end of the route has a Monferno so that may or may not help you but the
Gyarados should.

Veilstone city: Enter town, walk around, talk to everyone. Dawn is outside the gym as well as an old man who will give you TM63. There is a house with a girl who massages
your pokemon once a day and gives you an accessory afterwards. Next to her
is a house with a jester in it. Just keep picking the same hand over and over
and eventually you will win. You get a coin case. You can get the coins from
the Game Corner now and exchange them for WICKED PRIZES!!! WOOO!

Ultra Balls and Great balls are finally available at the Department Store First
Floor. There is also a new Poketch app in here and lots of TMs for sale. The
Sticky Barb hold item is located on the roof. The app is on the second floor
and you have to talk to the girl behind the counter to get it.

Now we can get another badge. The gym is not too hard. Machokes and Meditites
at lvl 25 and 26 until you get to the gym leader, Flying/Psychic is best. This
was another gym where I could own with Staravia. The gym leader has a lvl 30
Lucario that is fighting/steel so psychic will do normal damage. You get the
ability to use HM fly outside which is good because it is in the galactic
warehouse. If you get stuck, try to line up all the gaps in the boards with the
stairs. Walk outside of the gym to have Dawn ask you for help. Defeat the
thugs, enter the warehouse and Fly is in plain sight. Fly to Hearthome and you can now leave through the Southwest exit of the town.
When you exit, you will be on Route 212.

Route 212: This route has a honey tree you can smear which is good since it is so close
to town. There are also some police patrolling here. TM11 is here but requires
cut, some other items as well that require surf. There is the Pokemon Mansion
here as well.
The first double battle has a Chatot you want to see for the pokedex. You can
acquire one by utilizing the in-game trade mentioned earlier in the guide. The
double battle before the Pokemon Mansion has a Buneary.

Pokemon mansion: If you enter the mansion and go left, there is a Great Ball, Soothe Bell and a Burn heal in the trash can. If you go right, TM Swagger is in the office. Go
to the garden to catch some new pokes. Roselia and Pikachu are available here
as well as Pichu.

Route 212 (again): Head south out of the Mansion through the grass. No new pokes here but there are Wooper in the rainy grass coming up. There are some trainers along here
that average lvl20. There is a girl in a house here who will trade shards for
TMs. You can get shards in the underground. The first double battle in the
rainy area has a Prinplup which, again, may or may not help you. It helped me
so I am going to include it in the count. You will catch up soon if it didn’t
help you.
The first fisherman has Barboach, the 2nd one has nothing new and the third
fisherman has a Gyarados. The bog here is kind of a pain. You cannot use your
bike on the bog. When you fall into the bog, just keep trying to move and
eventually you will. At the end of the bog is TM06 so you want to be sure to
get that. You can skip the bike path if you want. There are two trainers and a
zinc at the end of it. Route 212 leads to Pastoria City.

Pastoria city: The first house is a berry lady house who will give you a berry everyday. The pokemon move tutor is here as well as the Safari Zone. The move tutor is very
helpful if you transfer a lot of pokes from pal park or if you want to get a
move back that you deleted. The move tutor will ask for a heart scale and you
can get them in the underground. The gym in town is all water pokemon with
hardly any barboach so you can do just fine with electric type attacks. The
highest level pokemon in here is a lvl 30 Floatzel. You gain the Fen badge and
the ability to use the HM you get in the Safari Zone outside.

Safari Zone: The first guy on the right when you enter the Safari Zone gives you HM05. The Safari Zone has two new pokemon and the best way to get them, is to use the
binoculars on the 2nd floor to see where they are. Go to the area that they
show up in and stand in the grass. Move the character around but don’t actually
take a step. You will get encounters without increasing your step count. So
long as you do not run out of balls you can stay forever (cool…)

Pastoria: You should always battle all the trainers in a gym because they show you new
pokemon and give you more XP. After you beat the gym, talk to the Grunt in the
northern most part of town. He will run off and he tells you not to follow him,
you should. Your rival will show up when you try to follow the grunt so be
ready for a battle. The gym had Azurill, Marill, Wingull and Floatzel.

Route 213: Follow the route fighting trainers. Everytime you see the grunt, talk to him
and make him run off again. Floatzel and Wingull are new pokes in the grass.
There is a man on the route who will give you a footprint ribbon for your
lead pokemon. The first fisherman has a Remoraid and the second one doesn’t

Hotel: The hotel area has a lot of trainers you can battle, mostly in the restaurant.
Lots of double battles in here and you get a lot of money afterwards. The pokes
average lvl 20-23. The hotel clerk at the front desk will heal your pokes for
you. There is a TM available on the hotel property as well. You will find the
grunt here and he will finally battle you. He has a lvl 25 Glameow. Follow him
again and Cynthia will meet you and give you a potion to remove the psyducks
from Route 210. Continue heading north on Route 214 and take the eastern path.
There is a girl trainer along the way who has a Haunter. The girl right after
her, has a Wormadon.
You can keep heading North to find a cave on the east path that has a man
asking you to catch Unowns. If you catch all 26 types of Unowns, one for each
letter of the alphabet, the ruin maniac finishes the cave. The cave then leads
to another area that has two more unowns. The two extra unowns are the question
mark and the exclamation point.  If you keep walking around the cave, you will
eventually get attacked by a rare Hippopotas. In 25 attacks, I got 24 geodudes
and 1 hippo. I have been told the more unowns you catch, the higher the
encounter rate for Hippopotas. Eventually, you will end up in Veilstone City.
If you do not care about catching Hippopotas, fly to Solaceon right away. If
you go to Veilstone, take Route 215 West to the Psyducks.
New Poke Round-Up: Hippopotas, Graveler

Route 210: Once you reach the Psyduck, heal them with the secret potion. Afterwards,
Cynthia will show and ask you to deliver an Old Charm to someone in Celestic
Town. As you travel along the route, a thick fog will show up blocking your
view. Use HM05 Defog to remove the fog. There are some lvl25-27 trainers here.
Follow route 210 until you reach Celestic Town.

There are three ninja trainers hidden in the tall grass. The one hidden on the
east side of the tall grass has a Skorupi. The rest have pokemon we have
already seen. The ninja boy above the karate man after you use Defog has a
Golbat. There is a girl trainer along the route that has a Grotle. Keep
following the path and you will keep getting in battles. You see Mothim, Luxio
and Raichu before you end up at a bike path. The bike path leads to TM30 and a
After you get the TM, head back onto the normal route. After the karate guy,
you can go right for a battle and an item or left. The item is the Smoke Ball
and it lets you run from any wild encounter. East dead ends so turn around and
head west. The first trainer this way has a Hoothoot and its evolved form,
Noctowl. That is two more for the pokedex. Take the bridge and you will be
stopped by an old man for a battle. He has nothing new but you cannot avoid the
battle. Celestic town is just ahead.

Celestic town:
You can net a poketch app and a great ball by talking to the residents of this
town. The Great Ball is in the pokemon center and the app is in the house in
the southwest corner of town.
A galactic grunt is blocking the cave and he needs to be disposed of. He
has a lvl25 beautifly and a lvl27 Croagunk. After you defeat him, the old
woman will come up to you and thank you. Enter the cave and press A on the
pictures of the pokemon on the wall. The old woman will enter again and give
you HM03 Surf.
Now the gym in Hearthome is open! You can fly there now or you can go west to
Route 211 and get a TM and fight some trainers for XP. No new pokes that way
though. The TM is Psych Up.

Hearthome revisited: The gym here is all Ghost which means a dark pokemon will own it. The puzzles are ridiculously easy but you should go in the wrong doors on purpose to get
more battles in before the leader. A lot of the trainers in here have Drifloon
who does a lot of damage to you after a physical attack is done to it. Be sure
to fight the girl on the 2nd floor, far right door before you go straight to
the gym leader.
The boss has:
Lvl 32 Drifblim
Lvl 36 Mismagius
Lvl 34 Gengar
You get TM65, a new badge and the ability to use Surf outside. This opens up a
lot of pathways that you could not utilize before. You should take some time
and travel to these places:
Route 209 has TM19
Route 204 and the cave here

Canalave city: Fly to Jubilife City and head west. You can surf near the fisherman that gave you the old rod. Keep heading west and there are 2 fisherman here you can
battle. There is a lot of new pokemon this way. The sailor when you reach land
has a Mantyke. The grass along the way has Gastrodons, Mr. Mimes and Glameows
(P) in it and when you are surfing, you will be attacked by Pelipper. When you
arrive at the city entrance, you will get a new app for your poketch.
The move deleter is here as well as TM48. Be ready for a battle so straight to
the pokemon center as your RIVAL will catch up to you soon enough. Your RIVAL’s
team is up in the lower 30s now and his main pokemon is at lvl35. Cross the
bridge to have your RIVAL challenge you. Your RIVAL has a lvl30 Heracross which
is new and it has a high attack stat.

After the battle, head south once you cross the bridge and there is a sailor
near a boat. You can take this boat to IRON ISLAND. For now, surf south on the
water and you will find TM89. Take the boat to IRON ISLAND for a rare (ooo.. rare…) pokemon.

Iron island: Iron Island is the home of a very rare pokemon. You get the pokemon in egg form so you are going to need an empty spot in your party. No HMs are needed so
that opens up your HM slave spot. Exit the boat and go up the stairs into the
Steelix and Golbat are new here. You can get some good XP inside the cave. You
will be attacked by a lot of Graveler and that is new to the pokedex. Ice and
water attacks will help throughout the cave. There are quite a few trainers and
items here.
Faster Route:
1) Go down the east set of stairs.
2) Up stairs, east, down stairs, south, up east set of stairs, down elevator.
3) Go down west set of stairs, get partner.
4) Take first path south, fight trainers, south, stay on path, up stairs, south
   fight trainers, down stairs, up stairs, down elevator.
5) This gets you the Riolu egg. Go through cave door, up elevator, out cave.

Cherrim is found in step 2 in a trainer battle. Medicham is found in step 4.
You should see Steelix at some point throughout the cave as well. If you miss
Steelix, it will be in the gym so do not worry about it.
Riolu turns into the pokemon your partner was using in the cave.

Canalave Gym (yay! a gym!!): This gym is mostly steel and rock pokemon. Surf takes care of a lot of the enemies so you should probably have a poke that can do it well. One of the trainers before the boss has a Azuremarill.

The boss has a lvl39 Bastiodon. The Bastiodon can be a pain but luckily for me, it did not use Rest. It may use it against you so be ready for it. It is a rock/steel pokemon
so ground moves will really hurt it. Winning nets you the Mind badge and the
ability to use Strength outside.
Strength will let you move the gray boulders around. Evolve your bidoof to be
able to teach it Strength if you have been using one. Now you want to hit the
caves. There is a cave near Oreburgh that will give you a TM and a cave near
Celestic Town.

After you have beaten the gym, your RIVAL will talk to you again. Go inside the
library and meet him on the 3rd floor. The library is in the northwest corner
of the city. Your mission if you choose to accept it, is to go to Valor Lakefront and enter where the two guards would not let you pass before.

Valor lakefront: Walk through the magikarps fighting trainers until you get to the cave. Enter the cave and be ready for a battle. The highest lvl poke in here is a lvl37
Toxicroak. It is fighting so flying works well. Afer you defeat him, fly to
Twinleaf town (yay! home!! mummy!!).

Twinleaf town: Go north and then west to where you first got your pokemon. The lake is now filled with grunts, so take them out. Another battle with Mars awaits and she
still has her Purugly. The double battles before show no new pokemon. One lake
left, fly to Celestic Town.

Celestic cave: Head West of Celestic Town and enter the cave. Part of the cave is foggy but you do not need fog clear unless you want to get Light Clay. Otherwise, your
new HM and rock smash should do just fine. Enter the cave and start heading
north. you need to move the boulder. Follow the path north and then west.

The fog room is coming up and you can use fog clear or you can make your way
through the fog without it. Run from the battles as you will have a lot lower
accuracy with the fog. Stay to the left if you just want to run through the
area. Take the stairs and you will be in the room with the exit, no obstacles
here. Exit the cave.
NEW poke round-up: Clefairy

Route 216: Snowing here turns into hail in your battles. I didn’t have an ICE pokemon so
this was frustrating.  If you take the high road, a girl trainer along the way
has a Lopunny. The low road has an Ambipom and grass with new pokes. Follow the
path until you get to a house and fight all the trainers. Each of the trainers
will show you a new pokemon. You can heal your pokes inside the house by taking
a nap in the bed. After the house, go North to Route 217. The first girl in the
grass after the house has a Mr. Mime if you missed it earlier.

Route 127: The snow really starts coming down here. You fall down into heavy snow and
barely move but just keep trudging along. The first trainer you battle has a
Hippopotas which is good if you didn’t search the cave for it.

Stay close to the west wall until you get to a house. Grab the pokeball behind the house and it is HM06. Enter the house and talk to the Hiker to get an item. Back outside, The northeast corner of the route has some grass and another house. The spell tag is inside
that house and in the grass are Snover, Sneasel and Medicham. The exit to the
route is north of the Hiker’s house. There is a trainer battle you can’t avoid and he has a Seaking.

Snowpoint City:
You first come across Acuity Lakefront but the Galactic Grunts are keeping you
out. Head east from here through the grass. You will end up in Snowpoint City.
This city is pretty much just a gym city. Walk around and talk to everyone and
then take on the gym. You may get stuck in the gym for a few minutes.

The gym has snowballs inside. You can slam into the snowballs and break them.
However, if you touch stairs while you are heading towards the snowball, you
will slow down too much to break the snowball. This is very similar to the
Zelda ice puzzles in Twilight Princess except instead of pushing blocks, you
are using youself. You need to break all the snowballs in the very middle and
and the ones that are blocking the stairs to the gym leader. If you see a
snowball can only be hit from the east or west and the east path has stairs,
then you know you HAVE to hit it from the west.
The leader has pokes ranging from lvl38-42. The Abomasnow is new and is tough.
Steel and Fire will do best in this gym and the leader is no exception. Win and
get the ability to use Rock Climb outside of battle and TM72. If you fought all
the trainers before the gym leader you got Tentacruel, if not, it will show up
again later.

Rock Climb is useful, like surf, in getting places you couldn’t before. I am
sure you have seen the parts around Sinnoh that can be scaled. You can choose
to go scale these places and gain items and TMs or you can continue the

Acuity lakefront: Now that the gym is beaten, you can enter the lakefront, do that. No battles here just more story and chit chat. They tell you not to go to galactic HQ but that is exactly where we are going. Fly to Veilstone.

Galactic end (ooo.. a dramatic name…): Go to HQ and not the warehouse, outside of HQ, there is a grunt you can talk to
who will run off and leave a key. Pick up the key and head to the warehouse. You can open the first door in the warehouse but they key will break inside the lock. Better find another key then…

Galactic warehouse: Not a very difficult area to scale, there is a bed inside the warehouse you can use to heal your pokes. You are looking for the galactic key inside the
warehouse. Once you find the key, you can now get more access inside HQ. When
you go down the stairs, you can go North or East. North leads to the door we
need the key for so go East. Keep following East and there will be a couple
trainer battles and you will have to go up two sets of stairs. Eventually you
reach two warp panels.
The east panel leads to a TM so take that one real quick. Then go back through
and take the west warp panel. Follow the path and you end up in a room with a
set of stairs in the east and a warp panel in the western part of the room. The
trainer in this room has 3 bug pokemon. Take the warp and follow it and you
will have to fight a scientist. This way leads to the key. Once you have the
key, go back to the room you took the warp previously and take the stairs this
time if you want TM21. If you do not want the TM, then just leave the warehouse
and go next door to HQ.

Galactic HQ: The goal here is to get to the end and fight the boss. It is pretty straight
forward. You can go slightly off the beaten path for items but you do not get
far. At the end, you fight the galactic boss and get a masterball. The boss
has 2 pokes weak to electric and 1 Sneasel which is dark/ice. They are between
lvl40 and lvl43.  Once you beat him, he tells you to go east. You will end up
in another room now. There is another battle up ahead but it is easier than the
one you just had.
The Galactic Admin has a Kadabra, Bronzor and Toxicroak. They are lvl38 and 40.
Once you defeat her, she will move out of the way and you can press the red
button. This lets three legendary pokemon free.

Mt Corenet (cool name): To get to Mt. Coronet, you are going to need your HM slave with strength. Fly to Hearthome city and head west, Route 208. Enter the cave and once inside, you will need to go north. At the very top of Mt. Coronet is Dialga so be ready for
a legendary battle. Bring about 30 Ultra Balls,4 Quick Balls and 6 Timer balls.
Dialga will be lvl47 and is a steel/dragon type. If you are playing Pearl, you
will not get Dialga but instead will see Palkia. Palkia is a lvl47 water /
dragon type.

When you first enter the cave, you need to head west to the opposite side. Once
you reach the west entrance, head north and surf across the pond. Use rock
climb to reach the stairs up. You should seen Bronzong somewhere along the way.
It is the evolved form of Bronzor and is new to the pokedex. In the next room:
North, West, South, Upstairs, North, West over bridge, down stairs, up north
stairs,up stairs, cross bridge, down stairs, down stairs, upstairs and in cave
Next room: Up stairs, up stairs
Next room: up stairs, trainer battle, west, south, trainer battle, Out.

Now you are outside. Follow the path and use rock climb when you get there. Now
instead of using rock climb again, head west and through the grass until you
reach another cave. Inside, use rock climb, follow the path, down the stairs
then east out of the cave.
Outside again. Through the grass, down the stairs, rock climb west. Down the
stairs, through the grass, keep going west and you find another cave. Enter.
There is only one way to go through here so keep following the path, eventually
you emerge at the very top. Inside the cave, there is also (a cute lil’) Chimecho.

Spear Pillar: Ok, 2 galactic battles and 1 legendary pokemon coming up. You can’t avoid the  double battle so you need to try and reach the boss. They will converge on you
but your RIVAL will show up and help. The big boys here are Purugly lvl 45 and
Skuntank lvl46. Once you defeat them, you rival heals your pokes for the boss
The boss fight is going to go pretty similar to the way it was last time. He
has upped his levels some and has a new Gyarados. Whatever worked last time is
still going to work this time so as long as you gained some levels, you should
be fine. He has some evolved pokemon you haven’t seen before so that will help
out with the pokedex. Defeat him and get access to Dialga / Palkia. SAVE!! You
only get one chance at legendaries so if you knock them out, you will never be
able to catch them again.

The best way to catch legendaries is to use a pokemon that has stat upping
moves and just sit there with it out taking damage. For example, anything that
is rock/steel and has iron defense would work really well here. Get Dialga in
the red, use potions when you get low, throw lots of pokeballs. Throw the 4
quick balls right away and hope for the best, probably not going to work though
Use Ultra Balls when Dialga gets in the red and make the battle last a long
time. If you go through your ultra balls and you still do not have it, now you
move onto your timer balls. If by some miracle you still do not have Dialga
and you are out of timer balls, restart.

Legendary Round-up: Three legendary pokemon have been unleashed now that you have helped Dialga. We need to go back to all three lakes and at each one is a legendary pokemon.

Lake Valor – Azelf
Lake Acuity – Uxie
Lake Verity – Mesprit (runs away, aww..)

The first two can be battled in the lake. Surf to the cave and battle them. All
the pokes are lvl 50 and Psychic. Use the same tactic as you did on Dialga and
it should go pretty smoothly. You can use the dusk ball now and it has a 4x
capture rate on pokes in caves. I used Luxray with charge to keep raising my
special D since they are psychic types. When you try and fight Mesprit, it runs
away and shows up on your poketch marking map. If you do not have this yet, go
to Jubilife City and get it from the poketch company. Talk to the president
near the front desk to get it. Keep talking to him and you will get two more if
you didn’t have the marking map.

Palkia is pretty much the same as Dialga except it is a water type so rock
would be a bad choice to go up against it. I would suggest you use a water
type. Palkia does not have have a powerhouse attack like Dialga’s Roar of Time.
After the battle, head north to get a special item for your new legendary.

Mesprit gets it’s own section because it is quite a pain in the ‘you know what’ to get. It
shows up on the map as a flashing symbol but every time you fly to it, it moves
somewhere else. Also, it runs away in battle so you are going to need mean look
or use your masterball. The problem with the masterball is that there is
another pokemon later on that runs away so you might want to use it on that one
I suggest Crobat with Mean Look to stop it from running away. But first, we
need to encounter it…Here is a trick I figured out that helps battle it.

1) Go to a main city that it goes near (Jubilife works fine).
2) Park yourself near the exit of the town and look in the top left corner of
   your screen.
3) Walk out of the town and when the top left shows the route name, that makes
   Mesprit change it’s location.
4) Walk back into the town and it changes again.
5) Keep doing this over and over until Mesprit shows up on the Route you are on

Once it is on your route, search the grass for a battle. It may not be the
first battle you encounter but it will show up eventually. Good luck! Mesprit shows up in your pokedex as seen when it shows you the picture.

Sunyshore: We can get here now. Fly to Veilstone City and head south to the hotel on Route 214. When you reach Valor Lakefront, the path east is now open. East leads to
Route 222. This is the way to Sunyshore. Follow the path, battle trainers, get
items and eventually you end up in Sunyshore. The third fisherman has a
Finneon and a Feebas so be sure to battle him.

Enter the town and you get inspiration to battle the gym leader. If you go to
the gym though, it is blocked. You need to go to the lighthouse and talk to
the gym leader and he will return to the gym. Once he returns, you will be
able to enter the electric type gym. Do not forget to talk with everyone in
town to get items. Note the woman near the shore because you will need to talk
to her again after you defeat the gym.

Hopefully you have some sort of ground/rock pokemon that has ground moves. If
not, any ground type move should work. The battles before the boss change it up
as there are some other pokes thrown in that aren’t electric including Mr. Mime
and Bibarel (to name a few). The boss has lvl46-49. He has 2 electrics, 1 water
and 1 normal Ambipom. Rock/Ground wins them all except the water pokemon, a
lvl47 Octillery.

We finally have all 8 badges and can gain access to the E4. You need waterfall
and to get it, head to the northeast section of town and talk to the girl on
the beach again. She will give you HM Waterfall now that you have beat the gym.
Your starter should have evolved by now so I am adding it to the count. You
should also consider taking the egg you got from Iron Island with you now as
you are going to need to hatch it to get the (triumpant music..) national dex.

Fuego Fireworks: Now is a real good time to visit this place. It is hidden pretty well so to get here, fly to Floaroma town and head east out of town. At the first bridge you
get to, surf west and follow the water. Eventually you will reach this area.
You should see a Tentacool on your swim and we needed that for the pokedex. All
the trainers in here are going to have pokemon about 10-15 levels lower than
yours but that is fine because there really is no reason to rush to get here.
This area has a lot of the tiles that move your character along so it really is
just trial and error to get where you want.

There are two fire stones in here which you may need to evolve one of your
pokemon. The trainer east of the entrance has a Rapidash so you want to fight
him. There is also Rock Incense and TM35. There is nothing else to do here so
fly back to Sunyshore City.

Route 224: Once you have waterfall, surf north on the route. There is a trainer here that
has a Finneon evolution so you are going to want to fight the swimmer so it is
in your dex. Just keep heading north if you want to skip the items. There
aren’t many here but there is TM18. You can catch Mantyke along the way. The
third swimmer on the route has a Mantyke and a Mantine so you should battle
him. At the very end of the route is a big waterfall. Use your new HM here and
you will be taken to Victory Road entrance and a pokemon center.

Victory Road (i think is the hardest and annoying part of all the poke games): Lots of trainers, lots of items and lots of time, this cave is very large. The
pokes in here are in the lower 50s. There are no new pokes except during
trainer battles. You should battle as much as possible as you will need the
levels. The pokemon league is right after the cave.

1) Cross bridge, cross bridge, cross bridge, Rock climb, west, up stairs, north
   trainer battle (Blissey), up stairs, up stairs.

2) Smash the south rock, head south. Use strength. Move northeast boulder down,
   move north boulder west and last boulder south 2x. Head west, trainer battle
   (Carnivine and Rampardos).

3) Move west most boulder down once. Run around and smash rock. Move boulder
   again north 2x. East, follow path. Smash the rock, trainer battle (Clefable
   and Torterra). Move northern most boulder east, head north, trainer battle,
   (Staraptor and Hippowdon), down stairs.

4) Cross bridge, rock climb, west, north, follow path, trainer battle (Machamp)
   down stairs.

5) Down stairs, down stairs, surf east, surf north, waterfall, follow water
   path, trainer battle (Gabite), surf again, follow water path, up stairs.

6) West, take first path south, trainer battle (Golem and Empoleon), south,
   east, rock climb, north, trainer battle (Gible), north, cave exit.

You made it to the pokemon league. That is the very quick way through. You can
search around the cave and find all the items and gain XP for the E4.

Elite 4: Dun dun dun! We are here. The final battles to mark you as champion. There is a
pokemon center here as well as a mart. The game gives you tons of money
especially if you fought everyone and reset when you lose. Buy lots of potions
and revives. The best items are Full Restore, Hyper Potion and Revive. I bought
30 of each and used just about all of them. My levels were far too low for the
E4 but my dragon dancing gyarados did a number on them. I will recap each
person so you can be ready for them. Your RIVAL thinks he is better than you
so he will make you fight him first. Dispose of him. Onto the E4! Remember:
Use your potions. You don’t need extras after the fights so use them if you got
them. Hopefully your Riolu egg hatched by now as you need it for the dex. TIP: save before each guy, so if (unfornately) lose, just load back.

Aaron (bug): Aaron is a bug guy so fire/flying works well. They range from lvl 53 to lvl 57.
Heracross is 4x weak to flying and the only one that isn’t weak to flying is
the LVL57 Drapion. It is dark/poison so psychic will not work out either. Use
fighting/ground against him if you got it.

Bertha (rock/ground): Bertha has pokes between lvl55 and lvl59. All her pokes are weak to water save Quagsire. It will double team and use sandstorm. Water will raise it’s HP so do not use a water attack against it. She isn’t hard at all if you took Prinplup.

Flint (fire): Flint is not all fire and it even has an onix. Water still does well here
against 3 of the 5 pokes. They range from lvl57 to lvl61. He isn’t hard but be careful of Lopunny as it knows mirror coat. Mirror coat will hurt special attackers so use physical attacks.

Lucian (phychic): Hopefully, you took my hints and have a Gyarados by now but if not, any dark type will do. All his pokes are psychic so dark hurts them. Bronzong has steel
though so it will not be super effective. Gyarados will die quick against Mr.
Mime if he cannot strike first as Mime knows thunderbolt. His pokes are lvl59
to lvl60. The champion awaits…

THE CHAMPION…: She has a lvl66 garchomp and all her pokes are lvl60 or greater. Spiritomb is probably new to you and it is like sableye, it has no weakness. Garchomp will
fall to ICE (guess who knows ice? Gyarados!). I didn’t have much trouble with
her, I used Dragon Dance a few times with Gyarados and swept everyone else in
one hit. Milotic will take an electric attack as it regenerates HP and has a
good special D. Do not inflict it with any kind of status problem as it’s ability will make it stronger. Grass will work well too against Milotic.
Beat her and get in the record books. You are now the pokemon champion. Woo Hoo!!

wanna know what to do after you beat the league, cause there’s tons more…. wait till my wrist heals after typing this much… hope i helped you! bye ya’ll! 🙂


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    1. Empoleon, Lvl. 53
    2. Azelf, Uxie, Lvl. 50
    3. Mespirit, Lvl. 54
    4. Dialga, Lvl. 51
    And it’s a tossup here
    Gyradoes, Lvl. 21 (just evolved!)(can evade earthquake from 4th guy)
    Steelix, Lvl. 47 (has some dark move)

  17. Charizard ROX Says:

    o ya
    how can i get the natl dex w/o seeing palkia?

  18. Charizard ROX Says:

    I’d level Gyradoes of course if it was him

  19. […] To find more information from the source here […]

  20. Charizard ROX Says:

    what source?

    and i figured out how 2 get the natl dex

  21. Liam Says:

    I started with piplup and now look at my team
    Empoleon LV:91
    Rapidash LV:76
    Luxray LV:77
    Leafeon LV:60
    Chatot LV:66
    Espeon LV:56
    It is great huh and I have pretty much finished the game all I have to see are Manaphy and Phione.

  22. zachary Says:

    were do we get waterfall

  23. zachary Says:

    tell in a week someone ill be bck on
    i couldnt find it

  24. Kelly Chia Pei Xuan Says:

    How do you get an EEVEE?

  25. zachery Says:

    how do i get to sunshore city i dont know how?

  26. zachery Says:

    my stater pokemon is tutwig

  27. zachery Says:

    i started witha turtwig look at my team now

    the last evouloution of turtwig
    staraptor lvl 51
    snover lvl 37
    alot of other pokemon
    how do u get to sunshore city its hard i cant get there

  28. zachery Says:

    i ned help to get to sunshore city

  29. zachery Says:

    tell me in 1/2 week

  30. KellyChiaPeiXuan Says:

    Get me into SUNYSHORE city! please~

  31. KellyChiaPeiXuan Says:


  32. KellyChiaPeiXuan Says:

    u Have to see Dialga or Palkia to get to sunyshore,because after u see them the guythat block your way will be gone and u can continue
    hope i helped

  33. KellyChiaPeiXuan Says:

    to people who r asking where to get HM 07 Waterfall talk to Jasmine who will waiting for u to beat the 8th gym ,then ask her again that’s important,did u guys read through the walkthrough?????

  34. xxx Says:

    U didnt have to be that specific

    Rosalyn: lol yesh. specifiness ish cool. (Y) =]

  35. girbob Says:

    HEY?! um how did get suicune OH AND U PPL DONT NO HOW TO GET TO SUNYSHORE CITY??? CATCH DIALGE (OR PALKIA) !!!!! THEN GO THERE GOSH U PPL R WEIRD?! BUT i want areceus how u catch tht :S

  36. Afas Says:

    how do u get finneon

  37. fjhd Says:

    My team is


  38. Mehal Says:

    How to cross Victoriya Road..?????
    At the end of the cave, a fat man is standing and he always stops me….!!!
    he is not moving….

    Rosalyn: Lmao. Fat man.. umm… what does he say?? I haven’t played in awhile so I forgot. Sorry. ^^v

  39. Unuzual Says:

    If you didnt already know, there are a myriad of unobtainable pokemon. i will list them:
    Deoxys (now had a new form and can be changed)
    To obtain them, email me at
    i will trade you them as i can get them through my game

  40. ZAKWAN Says:

    CAN i beat e4

  41. Ella Says:

    hi ppl i wanted to tell u my team

    EMPOLEON lv.100
    ARCEUS lv.100
    PALKIA lv.100
    LUXRAY lv.100 (really strong!)
    HEATRAN lv.100
    DARKRAI lv100

    u might think Luxray is not strong but if u raise them correctly u will be surprised what they can do! i wanted to tell u that the “fat man” is not the way u get to elite 4 it is a different door

    Rosalyn: hahahas, cool. you have some awesome pokemon there :]
    lols to that “fat man” part too. :L

  42. cossie Says:

    tell me how to get arceus

  43. KellyChiaPeiXuan Says:

    Anybody have a Jirachi?

  44. cossie Says:

    this is my party

    mew lv100
    mewtwo lv100
    shadowlugia lv100
    celebi lv100
    darkrai lv100
    arceus lvx

  45. kevin Says:

    yo people wanna know my team?

    ARCEUS LV100
    LUGIA LV100
    HO-HO LV100
    DIALGA LV100

  46. kevin Says:


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