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One of the last pics of Pokemon Crater December 10, 2007


here’s one of the last pictures of pokemoncrater, let’s think of it as a memory of pokemoncrater and remember all the fun times we had playing, trading and battling…


to find out more about pokemoncrater closing, look at the post below or click on:


41 Responses to “One of the last pics of Pokemon Crater”

  1. Justice Says:

    It is so not fair it should have never shut down I will keep the memory in my heart always From was Cool girl 86

  2. rosalynlinh Says:

    maybe pokemoncrater will come back on someday..

  3. thecoolness Says:

    i know its not fair i mean i had a Lucario

  4. If Only Mortal Komabat Can Kill All The Pokemon

  5. Thrashler Says:

    I cant believe it just dissapeared without any notice i loved that website i keep trying to go there only to remember that pokemon crater battle arena 7 is gone for good………i was looking fword to so much like more fourms of pokemon and hpfully new pokemon and new maps.

    Rosalynlinh: hey don’t worry, pokemon crater is coming back. look at the posts above for mroe info

  6. i loved that website. i almost had every pokemon
    ps:i want pokemon crater back

  7. TJ Comco Says:

    C-C-C-C Combo Breaker

  8. Squirtle Says:

    You are all COOL PEOPLE!!!!!!!

  9. K.c. Says:

    I know it seems hopeless but i know more about pokemon crater than anyone i even helped the creator a bit I swear to god i will bring it back everything and more

  10. shadefur Says:

    It’s not coming back unless someone else is doing it.
    It’s perfectly fair. The admin has no time since they just graduated college.
    Get a life you guys. I miss it too but I don’t go all boohoo over it.
    Just to let you no, the admin did post a reason on November 14, 2007:
    In the ninth grade, I became fascinated with Pokémon. I bought all the games and played them over and over. When a friend who shared my interest moved away, I thought that it would be great to put a similar game on the Internet that he and I could play together. Through the years, he and I and thousands of our site viewers enjoyed my version of Pokémon.

    Soon I will be graduating from college. Life has its demands and responsibilities, life will be changing, and it is not going to be possible to maintain As a result I have decided to shut down on December 1, 2007.

    Thank You to all the viewers who shared my interest in Pokémon and a special Thank You to those who contributed ideas and challenges through the years. It has been great.


    Rosalynlinh: we’re not obessing and we do have lives. its just sad, it was hard to train pokemon you know.

  11. shadefur Says:

    I didn’t say you were obsessing. I said you were going all boohoo over it. Do you know how many sites I have found like this and so many people that say that they miss it so much and that it left without warning? More than enough. If you cared all that much about it – and this isn’t directed so much at you guys – then you would have seen his message.

    If you guys miss it so much, try a few different Pokemon sites:

    Indigo is kinda slow though and the log in for Pokemon Volcano isn’t working yet. Pokemon Black is okay but the graphics are a little fuzzy and some of it is in Spanish, but still. Look for something else. It may cheer you up.

    Rosalynlinh: ooo.. ive never head of pokemonblack before, maybe i’ll try it sometime when my internet isn’t lagging… 🙂

  12. juxie 5 Says:

    ppl heres a suggesion…………….try runescape they took out pking which is kinda shet buy try it out maybe it might suit the likes of u who have no life an wanting to loose your eyesight u have left …enjoy RS if u dont like it then GTFO the computer and get a life…….. thnks

    juxie in and out

  13. Mikjac Says:

    it is SO unfair that they shut down Pokemoncrater. I am sad too 😦 Do any of you gyes know when Pokemoncrater is gonna show up again?

  14. LegendaryPokemaster Says:

    there is a new website like Pokemon crater
    it’s not the same but still ok

  15. Mikjac Says:

    Thanks. That game is not bad

  16. tony Says:

    dang i want pokemoncrater!

  17. Mikjac Says:

    Me too. This is too much. I cant breath if Pokemoncrater is´nt coming back immediately!

  18. Kate Says:

    i wish pokemon crater will come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i stared playing in 3rd grade(im 10 now)its been gone for about 3 years now!

    Rosalynlinh: um… pokemoncrater just quit about in january 2008 i think…

  19. KellyChiaPeiXuan Says:

    I don’t get why they did not ask a pro to handle the job why close pokemon crater down.It is such a waste,many people were enjoying it…just talking about this makes me want to read
    a book….=(

  20. Julie Says:

    im so sad when will pokemoncrater ever come back ihad290 pokemon and 59 legendereys

  21. wurmple Says:

    Man it brings back memories.

  22. David Says:

    So not fair. I had so much strong pokemon. I’m betraying Mr-Hobo.

  23. Jakob Says:


  24. indigo493 Says:

    This is the new pokemon crater Pokemon Indigo! to join click this link

  25. bryan Says:

    I wish back the =((

    Rosalyn: me too bryan. me too… lol ♥

  26. Douglas Says:

    I don’t think it will be coming back 😦

  27. blake Says:

    try this its as cool as pkmn crater pokemon indigo


  28. xxx Says:

    sigh, there wont be another pokemon crater ever my username was 489yu87

    I had an unown which knew explosion i was trying to get my umbrean i think to learn dark pulse but pkmoncrater was shut down befr i could…

    and if it does come back ill be 48 and mr hobo will be dead and dont mention mr hobo in front of me it reminds me of the scammer guy on this forum im addicted to (since its summer its boring barely anyone comin on)

  29. ASAD Says:

    yaar I`m missing so much

  30. kevin Says:

    pokemon black really sucks lol

    Rosalyn: Lol. I know it kinda sucks… even though i haven’t tried it yet.. *cough* =DD isly ❤

  31. Calvin Greenfield Says:

    I loved PokemonCrater too it was Awesome but if you have not figured this out yet there is cool pokemon website called, it is really fun but not as good as pokemncrater was

  32. pokemoncrater Says:

    its ok guys sorry to shut it down but ive been trying to start it up again but it wont work so it will be back by next year july 4
    by the way mr hobo was a fake!!!! sorry

  33. zen9193rsiskool Says:

    omg i got to see my dad for the first time since christmas and learned he has the phd education in game design so him and me are going to try to make a new crater ill let ppl know when we finish but school is startig all i know is their is about a 97% chance we get crater back i was so glade he said hed help i made my naghbors call 911 the herd such a loued scream!!!!!!!!!!!111

  34. zen9193 Says:

    pokemon crater has a 97% chance of being back soon my dad can reprgrame crater ijust learned he could iv not seen him scince christmas but he will try and scince i have every pkmn on diamond he can use those sprites and it should be up bye next summer or possably christmas we already have the new maps altho it wont be crater it will be a replica ps thier is still the 6lv 100 in an hour cheat were u fight brouno with a ghost and only 2 of his pkmn can hit u
    anyway i got to help finish crater

  35. zen9193 Says:

    pss u will have to make new acc i cant trust ppl to tell me wat pkmn they had

  36. zen9193 Says:

    its backjust surch ps am i the only 1 who posts any more seriusly o well im going to get back 2 playing

  37. CAINE Says:

    PAG SURE VAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. shashindi Says:

    if eny of u get 2 know dat crater’s cmin back just giv da message to dis web site. im 4rom sri lanka im a girl i was born at australia my parents r sri lankan and i luv crater. im a girl though. im 12 on march 2009 24

  39. pokemoncraterfan375 Says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was pokemoncrater’s biggest fan!!!!!!!!!! I really sucked at the game, but it was my favorite website on the entire web!!!!! I know this computerwizardguy who only comments on the websites that are the BEST and guess what he said about pokemoncrater? “It was the best thing I had EVER played. It’s a real shame the guy had to shut it down”.

    And here’s something for the pokemoncrater guy to know: DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE TRIED TO MAKE A POKEMONCRATER DUPLICATE BECAUSE THEY LOVED PLAYING ON THE POKEMONCRATER THAT YOU CREATED SO MUCH?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! (sorry, I like using exclamation)

    But seriously, people worked hard to train their pokemon on the website, which takes a lot of hard work and patience. And there’s nothing to do on the web anymore. Pokemon Indigo’s way too slow. So there’s nothing to do on the internet. And that’s a really big deal for me because my parents won’t give me and my sister cable TV. So we have to live with just a computer and my DS as entertainment. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THAT SUCKS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  40. Squiggles Says:

    okay, pokemon crater isnt coming back but there is an exact replica of it its almost a duplicate of pokemon crater

    Rosalyn: yes, I’ve noticed that too (:

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