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Message from Nintendo February 26, 2008

Hello ya’ll!

I got a (well 3 really..) messages from Nintendo (you can check some of my posts and pages comments) saying that Pokemon Crater will be returning, but didn’t say when. Also the creator of PokeCrater did ask permission for pokemoncrater to be made, so that’s  a reason off the list… Anyways Nintendo said Pokemon Crater will be returning soon and you should (of you like 🙂 ) to check out their sites: or for updates.

Here are a copy of the comments from the Graphics page.

  1. Nintendo Says: We are proud to say Pokemon Crater will be returning soon. Keep in touch with our site for results.
  2. Nintendo Says: We have got word that Pokemon Crater did not get permission from nintendo first. That is false, Pokemon Crater has a contract and full permission from the Nintendo Company and Pokemon Crater will return very soon.Rosalynlinh: ooo.. wow thanks!!
  3. Nintendo Says: We are proud to say Pokemon Crater wil be returning soon. Keep in touch at

Yay!! I got over 50,000 hits! Thankyou sooooo much for everyone who has visited my site. I hope even the littlest thing helped. 🙂

~ Rosalyniiexx =D

*cough* um.. the second copied comment is kinda smudged… forgive me ^^


Coins for Change December 2, 2007


i know this has nothing to do with pokemon, but soon on december 14th to dec 24th, club penguin ( will be starting a coin donation program that’ll help real people, so i just just really wanted to tell you about it, and if you do play clubpenguin, please donate coins to help real people in need

if you want to learn more, go to this link:

PS: i just need 4000 more views until i can have a pokemoncrater party! look below about 2 posts for more info

also here is the link to my pokemoncrater trading page:

and a link on info more my 35,000 hits party:

😀 cya’ll soon


New Australian Prime Minister Party November 24, 2007

Hello there,

yesterday, November 24th Australia chose a a new prime minister, Kevin Rudd.

To celebrate a new beginning and leadership for australia, im having a 1 week party on pokemoncrater and accept any trades. Also look below for my 35,000 hits party details. my username is: Rosalyn_star and feel free to message me, i will reply.


Pokemon Crater “Party” October 13, 2007

Hi there everyone,

my site has been going really well, well well for me that is, so i have decided to have sort fo a pokemon crater party

if i can get 35,000 hits (views) on my site, i will accept any trade you offer for my pokemon (and there are good ones and a few legendaries) so please tell your pokemon playing friends to check out my site, remember… 35,000 hits = strong pokemon 4 ya’ll 🙂

also, this month is ‘breast cancer awareness month’, i’ve already made my donation, so please help fund breast cancer research for a cure to save many lives, please go to or for more info, cya’ll


Pokemon Crater June 12, 2007

a nice pokemon site is where u pick a starter pokemon, battle gyms and elite fours and catch pokemon on the maps. you buy items like normal pokemon games like full heal, berries and balls (you can buy unlimited master balls, sweet right?) you can also offer pokemon for trades. the only way to ‘catch’ legendary pokemon is after beating all the gyms and elites, but if the persons feeling generous, they’ll accept you trade offer. you can also live or computer-control battle other trainers, its very good, so please check it out and if u wanna battle me, my username is Rosalyn_star, and there’s 4 types of gyms and elites: hoenn, johto, kanto and sinnoh

remember its:

NEW: pokemoncrater has shut down! go to this link to find out more info: