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Fire Red HMs April 29, 2007

Filed under: Fire Red/Leaf Green,HM/TM Cheats — rosalynlinh @ 2:56 am

Hey there, here’s a list of HMs for Pokemon Fire Red and how to get them:

1) Cut: Get it from the captain after going the whole way and defeating people along the way on the SS Anne.

2) Fly: From someone on Route 16

3) Surf: At the back of the Safari Zone, in a house with only one guy in it.

4) Strenghth: Get it from a guy in a house in Fushia City.

5) Flash: From somewhere at Route 2.

6) Rock Smash: In Island 1 somewhere.

7) Waterfall: Somewhere on Island 4.


35 Responses to “Fire Red HMs”

  1. Blaziken Says:

    Thanks for putting this up! I just wrote down all the HMs!

  2. goundon Says:

    could you get dive?

  3. rosalynlinh Says:

    hi groudon,
    um.. i don’t think you need dive, i didn’t and beat the league already, but I think if you need it, it’ll be on one of the islands [i think =)]

  4. DUnno Says:


  5. rosalynlinh Says:

    the sun stone: i think you can buy it or it’ll be somewhere that you can pick it up

    the leaf stone: it can be bought at celdaon city mart or be found somewhere

  6. answerer Says:

    you can’t by a sunstone you find it on one of the islands or in curealian cave trust me i have one but i dont think there is a pokemon you can use it on in firered you have to use it in another game!

  7. answerer Says:

    rosanylihn is right you dont need a dive i didnt ether and i have gotten the nationaldex and i have beaten the pokemonleague!

  8. rosalynlinh Says:

    yea answerer, you’re probally right, i just can’t remember where all the stuffs are because i’m so busy with red rescue team (i haven’t finished it, it bit embarassing actually, but i do write my own cheats, no copying an pasting for me) so anyways, DUnno listen to answerer please

  9. dyoano Says:

    the sunstone can only be used on one pokemon in fire red: on a Gloom (evolved from oddish @ level 21) to evolve to Bellosum (a hella strong and rare leaf pokemon, probably better than even bulbasaur). or, you can always use a leaf stone on a Gloom to evolve it into a Vileplume. your choice. i reccommend bellosum tho.

  10. kyogre Says:

    i know where to go to get hm rock is in ember spa but i dont know who to talk to i talked to everyone in there.

  11. Celine Says:

    i cant the guy who has the STRENGTH TM :s
    where do you find it??

  12. Celine Says:

    ** I cant FIND the guy

  13. rosalynlinh Says:

    hey celine, he’s in one of the houses in fushia city, my versions pretty bad coz it’s on my comp and its japanese..

  14. rosalynlinh Says:

    after getting surf (from safari zone) he will give you strengh (its in the guys house where there’s a bolder infront of an item, which is rare candy)

  15. Rodrigo G Says:

    hey I´m new in this and I have to ask you something……
    Wher can i get ethers or where can i buy some????

  16. rosalynlinh Says:

    ethers are kinda rare, you can’t buy them at any shops, but if you look in rocks, grass spaces, and just pokeballs in rare places. they’re most likely to be there

  17. mr pakaa Says:

    there is no dive u onlly get that in ruby or saphire

  18. pokemon master Says:

    you forgot one dive and it is at one of the seven islands I don’t remeber and they don’t call me pokemon master foe nothin

  19. pokemon master Says:

    sorry about the first comment I tipe fast so I spell worng and I’m not being mean you lust forgot one or didn’t find it yet

  20. pokemon master Says:

    comment 3 is rigt its on the island where one of the elight 4 person is talk to her and she’ll give it to you

  21. Qasther Says:

    how to get flash??i already go to route 2 and talk to all people at there…stil didn’t get it … why??

  22. tricia Says:

    HEY! haha i’m super desperate. i need ethers! gah. anyone willing to lend a hand here? i’ll absolutely die without them, facing the elite four i mean. and can anyone tell me where i can find a big or small mushroom? i need them for the move learner. thanks a bundle!

    um… ethers… you can find them in pokeballs found along roads, especially secret places like taking a different path in a cave… mushrooms can found in pokeballs aswell. tip: when you find an empty spot of grass, a boulder or a patch underwater stand above it and press a, theres usually a rear item there. ♥ =]

  23. Susanne Says:

    Go into Mt. Moon and keep going until you bump into one, use the move, “Thief” and sometimes you can snatch one off a Paras or capture it , or go into the Safari Zone and capture one and most of the time you will get a tiny mushroom, the big ones I forgot where!!!

  24. Susanne Says:

    Go to Route 2, near the house where you trade an Abra for a Mr. Mime and go into the building where you see Professor Oak’s aide and he will give you “Flash” cause you’re gonna need it when you get to Rock Tunnel, I’m not sure how many Pokemon you need to capture in order for him to give it to you!!!

  25. Susanne Says:

    Talk to the old guy in the ember spa, he’ll tell you that made this place and that he doesn’t need the TM or HM, “Rock Smash” and he should give it to you, try to getting it before you battle the Elite $, that’s how I did It!!!

  26. zach Says:

    hey umwhere do i get surf at cuz i went to the safari and i couldnt find it

    It’s in the house at the back with only one guy in it. Talk to him and he’ll give you Surf. It can be hard to find the house, it took me w really long while… =D

  27. dude Says:

    ok its the guy that taklks funny who gives you strength? and i have surf and i talk to him anmd i don’t g et anything

  28. sanders491 Says:

    i thought u could use sun stone on evee to evolve into a espeon

    Rosalyn: isn’t that moonstone…??

  29. sanders491 Says:

    you got to get is gold teeth in the safari zone

  30. idiot5 Says:

    to get streagth u need to give the guy that talks funny his gold teeth wich i found in the safari zone

  31. Jake Says:

    do u have to beat the elite 4 to get waterfall

    Rosalyn: i don’t think so. its been awhile since i’ve played

  32. jackass2.5 Says:

    how do u get the other island i need to kno so bad

  33. kurthanger Says:

    how do you get the fourth island because i have only got 3 islands so could you tell me where to find them???

  34. ChaseR Says:


    Rosalyn: Hahahas, yes I hate it too when Pokemon keep fleeing.

  35. champ Says:

    champ here

    anyone know were to get the tm flame thrower

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