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Fire Red Ledgendary Dogs May 1, 2007

Filed under: Fire Red/Leaf Green — rosalynlinh @ 6:08 am

according to the starter pokemon you get these are a dogs you’ll get:

squirtle: raikou (thunder)

bulbasaur: entei (fire)

charmander: suicune (ice)


4 Responses to “Fire Red Ledgendary Dogs”

  1. pichu Says:

    I want to know how to catch and where to find Entei in Fire Red Version since I got Bulbasaur for my starting pokemon, can somebody please tell me?

  2. chris Says:

    cool site

    Rosalynlinh: thanks 😀

  3. xxx Says:

    i no this is obviously old but u find it at random

  4. sanders491 Says:

    where is enti

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