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Fire Red TMs continued… June 10, 2007

Filed under: HM/TM Cheats — rosalynlinh @ 2:17 am

phew.. i finally had time to finish of the TMs list, the first 25 is somewhere before like on the previous pages, so yea, here they are:

26) Earthquake: Viridian City Gym

27) Return: Route 12

28) Dig (very handy coz you wont need to buy escape ropes): cerulean city, celadon city mart

29) Psychic: Saffron City

30) Shadow ball: celadon game corner

31) Brick break: SS anne & celadon city mart

32) Double team: Safari zone (in fushia city)

33) Reflect: SS anne & celadon city mart (on the roof)

34) Shockwave ( a v. powerful electric attack): vermillion city gym

35) Flamethrower: celadon game corner

36) Sludge bomb: team rocket HQ (island 5)

37) Sandstorm: victory road

38) Fire blast (v. powerful fire attack): Silph co & cinnabar island

39) Rock tomb: pewter city gym & silph co

40) Aerial ace: route 9

41) torment: silph co

42) Fascade: Rock alter (island 6)

43) Secret power: celadon city mart & route 24

44) Rest: route 9

45) Attract (s2): route 24 & celadon city mart

46) theif: mt moon

47) Steel wing: Safari Zone

48) skill swap: route 12

49) snatch: teaM rocket hideout

last one.. 50) overheat (v. powerful fire attack, only 5 pp though): victory road (i think its behind a bloder of soemthing)

there we go, hope these help

enjoy your game =)

ps: in case you were wondering v. means very, tata


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