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Red Rescue Team HMs May 22, 2007

Filed under: HM/TM Cheats,Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team — rosalynlinh @ 6:01 am

there are a few hms in red rescue team:

surf: in the solar cave, you will need a key to unlock

dive: after completing pitfall valley, talk to charizard then lombre and then i think alakazam and you will get dive from wishcash and gain access to stormy sea (kyogre)

fly: floor 30 in wyvern hill, you’ll need a key

tip: save before you use the key because theres more non hm items you get with a key like ribbons and link cables


10 Responses to “Red Rescue Team HMs”

  1. watex Says:

    awesome blog

    howd u get the theme?


    can u add me to yourblogroll?

  2. rosalynlinh Says:

    hi watex, ive been to your site, cool club penguin cheats, um blog theme.. go to the ‘presentation’ button and i think it’ll come up with some blog themes

  3. rosalynlinh Says:

    and.. im a bit of a slow learner so i dunno how to add users on the blogroll, sould you do it? thanks

    and.. i made a pretty lame avatar site too @ it’s about Avatar The Last Airbedner

  4. fred Says:

    your dive is messed up if you talk to wshcash on a certain day he’ll give it to you

  5. fred Says:

    and no i dont know the day

  6. fred Says:

    on that day mdicham willbe by your base
    talk to him then to lombre
    lombre will say something about a sea cavern
    then go talk to wishcash

    0_o life is strange

  7. Darktemplar4 Says:

    Did u hear about the new pokemon D/P Wi-Fi league? its called Pokemon highway

  8. rosalynlinh Says:

    yea darktemper, its cool

  9. jonaTHAN Says:


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