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Legendary Pokemon May 20, 2007

Filed under: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team — rosalynlinh @ 3:46 am

in pokemon red rescue team here are the legendary pokemon, the place to find them and their friend area:

mew: buried relic (any floor it will appear above 40 fl) area: final island (to get mew easily, have the music box in you toolbox)

mewtwo: Western cave (99 fl) area: cryptic cave

lugia: silver trench (99fl) area: deep sea current

ho-oh: Mt. faraway (40fl i think) area: rainbow peak

suicune: northwind field (3ofl) area: sacred field

entei: fiery field (30fl) area: sacred field

raikou: lightning field (3ofl) area: sacred field

artiquno: frosty forest (25fl and peak) area: legendary island

zapdos: mt thunder (about 20fl and peak) area: legenadary island

moltres: mt blaze (about 20fl and peak) area: legendary island

kyogre: stormy sea (dive needed 40fl) area: sea floor cavern

groudon: magma cavern (sorry, i 4got) area: volcanic pit

rayquaza: sky tower (about 30fl) area: stratos lookout

doexys: meteor cave (about 99f) area: dunno yet (im still working on it)

some i 4got, sorry, but still here they are, hope they help! =)


9 Responses to “Legendary Pokemon”

  1. fred Says:

    just so you know groudon is on the 3 floor of the place past the save point

    0_o life is strange

  2. Nico Says:

    Deoxyys is on the 20th floor and on every floor you have to face either attack speed or defence forms and on final floor you have to face normal form

  3. al Says:

    To get a a few LvL 100 pokemon go to options then go to edit your profile and under email address type then logout and forget your password and send it to the email and wait three days.The software there using takes time. I used it myself. After the time is up you will have it this is not a code or a hack it is a glich in pokemoncrater but you have to be in the first 10,000

  4. rosalynlinh Says:

    the sratos lookout is at the end of the sky tower, but you have to go there without a mission to get to the peak

  5. brandon Says:

    i think deoxys friend area is called deserted island (or something) he come with it when you recruit him

  6. Nathaniel Says:

    grodon is on floor 25 of magma cavern which is cavern pit 3

  7. MastrMarz Says:

    ive tried to recruit the legendary birds, but none of them come to me when i kill them!

    also, where can i get the other friend areas you cant buy???

    plz reply!
    thank you, gracias, arigato!

    yeah, sometimes you gotta keep coming back, or just save and keep killing them and they’ll join (eventually). i had to keep doing that with some legendary too ^^~

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