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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team May 1, 2007

Filed under: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team — rosalynlinh @ 6:02 am

Here’s list of the rescue ranks and points you need to get to them:

Bronze: 50

Silver: 500

Gold: 1500

Platnium: 3000

Diamond: 7500

Lucario: 15000

When you get to Lucario Rank you will get a Lucario statue for outside you base and you will get a Jumpfluff guy statue when you finish all the Makuhita training dojo cources.


4 Responses to “Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team”

  1. fred Says:

    the statue you get for completing the dojo is a bonsly

  2. Tsuna Says:

    i got lucario rank but did not get the lucario statue how come?

    Rosalynlinh: um… im not sure. it should appear in the little yard next to your house (team base) =] ps: congrats on lucario rank!! xD

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